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Discover how Logik’s managed billing service can increase your operational efficiency and maximize your revenue stream by setting up a call now.

Integrated Billing

With Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) services, Logik has you covered from patient intake to final balance. Seamless integration from your MedikOnline PMS system, to the clearinghouse or third party payment, and back. All of your data in one place, with one team.

Expert Knowledge

Our team of healthcare billing specialists understands the specialty-specific RCM needs you have. From unique billing issues within behavioral health and rehab facilities, to claim follow-up and complex reporting Logik’s experts have years of industry-specific experience.

Increased Revenue

Eliminate human error and operational workflow issues while increasing your claim approval rates and processing times with managed billing.

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Why Use ABA Billing Software?

As a behavior analyst, you’re not expected to be a billing expert. However, the success of your business relies on accurate and efficient ABA billing. How does ABA billing software help busy providers like you, and should you consider using it? Read to find out.

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Are You Following Up Effectively with Clients Post-Treatment?

The journey toward recovery does not end with the completion of treatment; it continues with robust follow-up and support. In this blog post, we will explore the significance of effective post-treatment follow-up and provide actionable strategies for providers to ensure ongoing care and support for their clients

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CCBHCs and Cultural Competency

Cultural competency plays a vital role in CCBHCs because it promotes effective engagement and treatment of the diverse populations they serve. By prioritizing cultural competence, they ensure that all clients receive tailored and high-quality care that respects and addresses their unique cultural, linguistic, and social needs.

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5 Antecedent Interventions for ABA Therapy

Antecedent interventions in ABA therapy help set clients up for success by creating environments that promote desired behaviors, rather than waiting to address the less desirable ones. We discuss 5 different aba antecedent interventions that promote positive behavior.

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