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Transform Billing For Your Health Organization

Logik elevates health organizations by improving billing processes, increasing revenue collection, and optimizing your health care services.

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Maximize your revenue with our powerful health billing software.

Transform Billing

Simplify every aspect of billing with our billing software

Maximize Revenue

Easily submit claims, reduce denials, set up authorizations and ensure timely payments

Improve Operations

Manage admissions, track unlimited contacts and generate customizable reports across your practice

Logik empowers your organization with leading billing software and industry expertise.

Our intuitive platform streamlines billing processes from charge generation to collections, improves your clean claims rate and accelerates cash flow. It’s built for enterprise-level behavioral health practices—addressing the specific needs of this market including insurance requirements.

We are industry experts with deep insight into the operational strategies that help behavioral health practices thrive. From improving claims and patient management, implementing specialized software, to other aspects of your practice, we help you identify new opportunities to optimize workflows and create efficiencies.

Claims Management

Submit claims, manage denials & get access to an integrated clearinghouse.

Patient Management

From the initial intake, track and access patient information in real-time.

Custom Integration

Create software integrations with EHRs, laboratories, pharmacies and more.

Reporting and Analysis

Generate daily, weekly, and monthly reports with powerful analytical capabilities.

Exceptional Customer Support

Personal and responsive customer support is at the heart of who we are. You talk, we listen. Then we’ll come up with solutions and provide you a great experience along the way.

Stay Ahead

Regular tips and industry insights to help your teams and practice thrive.


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