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Mental Health Awareness Month

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Apex EDI

OD Excellence Electronic Claims Portal

OD Excellence Claims

As many offices are feeling the changes associated with running an EMR/EHR, OD Excellence has created an additional opportunity to assist their providers. Through a combined initiative with Apex EDI, OD Excellence will assist you in creating an improved insurance claims and billing experience.

This focus is to assist their providers to improve the technology and efficiency of daily operations. The OD Excellence claims portal powered by Apex EDI:

  1. Allows you to track and manage your insurance claims
  2. Is available to any OD Excellence member regardless of practice management software
  3. Exclusive Pricing: OD Excellence pricing compared to industry standards – up to 50% off! & $10 per month unlimited patient verification/eligibility
  4. Software compatibility: Designed to assist practice management software to seamlessly combine the details of every claim you send.
  5. Increase Revenue: fast payments, friendly customer service, and low costs are benefits of using Apex EDI!
  6. Real time claims status and patient eligibility verification!

Start saving time and money today. Let us show you with a personalized demonstration how APEX EDI can benefit your practice.