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Integrated Electronic Faxing

ProFax customers save an average of $3,130 per year in hidden costs

ProFax is a major step forward to a true Electronic Health Record (EHR). Improve the security of your records and with the click of a button you will be able to:
Immediately fax any clinical document
Securely receive faxes directly into Procentive
Easily attach faxes to any client file
Go green and never use paper faxes again
“This is a very big time saver! It is so quick to complete a fax to another agency, and all while staying at the computer instead of moving to another location to use the fax machine. We are pleased to use it and also like the reports that can be used to verify faxes have been completed. Thank you!”
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Rosalin Chrest
Executive Director

Average Savings per Procentive Customer

Using methodology developed by PricewaterhouseCooper, based on actual 2013 customer data, this chart illustrates how much ProFax customers save in time and material versus traditional faxing, every year. This is a true hidden cost for your organization that can be easily fixed by adding ProFax to your Procentive EHR. The cost of your fax machine and phone line is only the tip of the iceberg. The real expense is much larger when you factor in staff time managing paper. Because the PwC analysis of $20 per fax was done for hospitals, we use a more conservative figure of $2.58 per traditional fax for behavioral and mental health practices in our calculations.

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