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Frequently Asked Questions

CMS provides the first year free, and it is optional for the merchant to continue with our provider, Security Metrics, at $79.95 per year after. The merchant may elect to go to a different third party provider, but it is usually more expensive and they provide less support.

CMS and Procentive are PCI compliant. The merchant is considered the third party and is required to complete the PCI questionnaire, with support available from our PCI support provider, Security Metrics. Card association rules preclude any merchant services provider from being involved in the completion of a questionnaire.

Unfortunately, CMS is unable to cancel your current merchant account, as we’re not allowed to act on your behalf. It is up to the client to make any changes/cancellation with other merchant services providers. We are happy to answer any questions you might have regarding how to cancel services with your current processor.

Office staff has the option to swipe a card or key in the information. A patient at the portal can only key in the card number. If possible, it is always best to swipe the card. The system works with most standard keyboard emulating USB magnetic stripe card readers. We can provide a reader that encrypts the card data from the point of swipe, for an extra level of security. Terminals that connect through Ethernet or a telephone line will not integrate.

Rather than distribute rate and fee tables that can get confusing, CMS provides each merchant with a custom quote. Upon review of your current statement, we lay out in a simple, two column table the rates and fees currently charged vs. rates and fees from CMS. This provides the ability to clearly see that you will not pay more for the added convenience, security, and time savings.

Should you elect to complete the PCI certification, it is up to the merchant to complete that process. Card association rules preclude any merchant services provider from being involved in the completion of a questionnaire. You are notified annually to renew your PCI, and it is a short questionnaire

The standard integrated option is only through the client portal. Please inquire and we can discuss how we can facilitate other payment channels. We can provide the API/documents for the programming interface needed to embed payments to your website. However, these payments will not post automatically to Procentive. You will need to track them in the gateway/reporting tools and someone will have to update Procentive to reflect when payments have come from your website.

ACH is not an integrated feature. You can apply for ACH through our services, but you will still receive non-sufficient funds fees if a check bounces. You can always pass those fees on to the patient.

Payments are electronically deposited to the designated bank account. Batches are automatically run daily. We will receive those funds the following morning, review them, and the fees will be deposited the next morning, which is about a 48 hour process.

Yes, we would review this with a merchant on a case by case basis. We have a web interface or “virtual terminal” for transactions not involving a post to Procentive.

We will need to explore this with each merchant individually.

The system works with most standard keyboard emulating USB magnetic stripe card readers. If the reader isn’t locked and requires reprogramming, we may be able to assist with that. While it is possible to manually enter transactions in the office, you may find it more cost effective to just replace the current card reader, given the time savings potential.

No, it is not required. However, many offices choose to provide a notice to their customers

If adding a client payment from the Client Module or Appointment Module a receipt will automatically pop-up for you to print. Otherwise you can print a receipt.

Yes, you will get a pop-up.

Yes, through CMS site but not through Procentive.

Through Client Portal, the client can only use a credit card because a check cannot be approved right away like a card can.

Yes you can. But the only way to access the window is to begin to enter a payment which will not need to be saved after you save the credit card info for the client

Yes, Portal reflects the client’s current amount owed in the payments add window through Portal. Their statements will not update until the 3560 report is run and saved into their module.

This would be an agency choice, but I would suggest they agree and sign something allowing recurrent payments.

These payments can be pulled from report #1560 and then downloaded into a excel file to import into your accounting software. Otherwise, these payments will also appear in the report you are currently using for client payments.

Automatic payments are not an option, but you are able to set up an auto-reminder for yourself to manually process payments.