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Mental Health Awareness Month (1) 1

Mental Health Awareness Month

Mental Health with Substance Use Recovery

Mental Health with Substance Use Recovery


Who We Serve

We help organizations across the continuum of care of every size.

Who We Serve

Since behavioral health is no longer a single focus, neither are we. EchoVantage is built to respond to the variety of needs that encompass this discipline. Our visual health record is there to support you, whether you are working with families, providing respite care, or meeting with a client in your office.


The focus of I/DD should be the needs of the client, not the complexity of the software. The visual record makes it simple to document the services provided, with easy to understand icons. EchoVantage delivers not only the ability to easily document the variety of services provided to I/DD clients but supports the documentation of all services (mental health, physical health) to create a whole person record.

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Mental Health

Caring for the mental health client requires an easy to understand record that supports collaborative care. Your EHR must support ever-evolving demands, from integrated care to population health to funders. EchoVantage supports your growing needs with a library of assessments, a flexible form tool, and a visual clinical record that simplifies training, preparing for a client, and documentation.

Drug & Alcohol

Treating addiction today requires a robust clinical system that can manage many tasks in an easy to understand format. The EchoVantage EHR provides this integrated clinical view and includes the ability to document all care provided, including assessments, step-down, and medications. EchoVantage provides a single visual clinical record that supports the care you provide to your clients living with addiction.

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family services

Family Services

Keeping families together is challenging work. Caseloads are large, confidentiality is critical, and documentation is must be thorough. You need a system that supports this work, that allows a clinical view that ensures confidentiality and provides an easy to read clinical story. EchoVantage meets these needs, and as a web-based record, it can go to the family when needed. Your focus can be on the family, not the software.

Foster Care

Placing a child in foster care is challenging and requires comprehensive documentation and organization. EchoVantage is there to support you throughout the entire process. You can track the approval, determine the proper placement, and monitor the child within one program. All information is available in EchoVantage, and visually represented to let you focus on the family and the child, not the software. A Foster Family Portal gives families easy access to review and complete needed documentation related to their residents.
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Residential care can be short-term or long-term, can have varied programs from farming to education, and may involve children or adults. EchoVantage provides support for any combination you provide, and tracks your clients as they live in your residential properties. Whatever services you provide, we can support it.

See Our Software In Action

We could talk about our highly visual EHR EchoVantage all day, but in the spirit of being visibly different, we’d prefer to show you.


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