Mental Health with Substance Use Recovery

Mental Health with Substance Use Recovery


A Clinical Solution for You

Focus on your client, not your software
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You want to focus on your client, not the software.

You became a therapist to work with clients, not to struggle with software. EchoVantage provides a visual health record (VHR) that gives you the client’s case on a timeline, with visual indicators that tell you the whole story in one place.

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You have too many clients and not enough time.

You know that documentation is critical. You want to complete your notes, but you need to see the next client, complete your work, and get home on time. The VHR supports all the functionality you need to be effective and efficient – concurrent documentation, comprehensive security, two-way client communication, and more.

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You want to work with your clients when they need you.

Client Engagement tools give you the access you want—reminder texts for appointments and medications and the ability to send assessments and see responses immediately. You can maintain a connection with your client long after your session is over.

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EchoVantage EHR, a visual record designed for clinicians.

An intuitive interface.
The VHR uses the power of visuals to provide the full continuum of care for your clients, with collaborative documentation supported by a record that contains only the client’s PHI. User-definable, unique icons and bars simplify client navigation and enhance understanding.
Search for what you need, when you need it.

An easy-to-use tool allows you to create the forms and workflows your organization, funders, and accreditors require. Clinicians can quickly access their caseload with fast, robust search capability.

A visually optimized VHR.

Create a user-friendly working environment that significantly reduces the number of keystrokes to complete daily tasks. With standardized graphics and colors, the Visual Health Record becomes an intuitive tool for your staff.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When you first log in to EchoVantage, your schedule is front and center. You can view your calendar, add new activities, and finish any clinical noting that remains from a prior session. You can also filter information by clients and other staff members as needed.
You may send messages to staff or groups of staff. Messages may include forms for review or signature. The Message Center is available on the Home Page and throughout the application on the toolbar.
The VHR provides visual alerts to items that require review and action. Within the Message Center, you can access system-generated alerts, and a hyperlink takes you to the task that needs attention.

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