Mental Health with Substance Use Recovery

Mental Health with Substance Use Recovery


A Billing Solution for You

A visual workflow that is easy to understand and easy to use.

EchoVantage EHR

Your billing workflow presented visually

Your billing workflow presented visually

EchoVantage provides the level of confidence you need to put away your spreadsheets. Billing in EchoVantage offers an easy to use interface and includes detailed processes that enable you to put away the spreadsheets.

unprocessed service errors

Your billing workflow and workload never end

There are services to process, claims to create and submit, and payments to apply. EchoVantage provides a single billing workflow page that has links to all billing tasks and provides a dashboard to help focus your tasks.
fiscal overview

Stop spending time correcting unnecessary mistakes.

EchoVantage incorporates clinical error checks at the time when the clinician enters the data, and allows users to resolve other errors quickly and easily. EchoVantage makes error identification and solving easier, to get the billing done and provide you with more time.
unprocessed services history
ehr screen

EchoVantage simplifies your billing challenges

revenue cycle management
Better workflow, better billing
EchoVantage uses a visual workspace to create a billing oriented workflow. All billing tasks incorporate the same three flags, and the consistent interface makes it easy to use and easy to understand.
Correct errors with a single click.
Hyperlinks and single-step editing ease your workflow, even if multiple errors are listed in a single claim line.
state test
A system that helps prioritize your day.
Significantly reduce the number of keystrokes required to complete daily tasks. The fiscal homepage is a user-friendly working environment and prioritizes tasks by urgency, allowing you to tackle your workload with confidence.

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Frequently Asked Questions

EchoVantage supports multiple simultaneous processes to ease your workflow and keep you focused on tasks, not waiting for your system.
Directly from billing, you can send the error message to the staff that needs to address the error. Once corrected, the person sends a message back, so you know you can proceed with the record.
EchoVantage includes a variety of reports in support of the billing process. For example, the Service Status Report lists services that have not moved to billing, services in billing but not processed, and services processed but not finalized.

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