Mental Health with Substance Use Recovery

Mental Health with Substance Use Recovery


The only visual-based EHR for behavioral health.

The EchoVantage Visual Health record compiles volumes of data and instantly presents it in an understandable and actionable graphical format.

EchoVantage is the only EHR designed to meet your workflows rather than force you to conform to the pre-programmed layouts. Billing features the only visual workspace that alerts you to the status of your billing tasks and provides the links for you to address each task, in one location.

Who is EchoVantage EHR for?

You are short on time, but not short on clients. You want to relate to your clients, you have to document your work, and you still need to get out of the office. You want to know about the completed assessments, that there is a current release, and you want to see it in one place.

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You need the billing on time, the data to be correct, and the software to be easy for you and all users. It helps if you know where to focus, and if you can easily see what else there is to do. You want a visual workplace, too. You don’t like errors, but if they occur, you want a simple, direct way to address them. If everything gets done, you can get home on time.

Solutions for Billers >

You hate urgent calls, you want to ensure the software works, users are happy, and you want to focus on making improvements. It would be cool if you could spend your time creating forms and reports that help your users, not solving network and application problems.

Solutions for EHR Admins >

You want to grow, but you need efficient and happy staff. You need to know the health of the agency every day with trusted data. You need the confidence to know that you will receive timely reimbursement for your staffs’ work. And, you want on-demand access to the key performance indicators that help guide your agency.

Solutions for Executives >

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