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State Reporting

Reporting For Your State

We know that every state has specific reporting requirements, and we address them within the application.
Collect Unique Data

With Form DesignEHR, you can create the forms to collect the data necessary for the state report.

You Only Need Your State Reporting

You won’t have to worry about conflicting processes since EchoVantage only includes your specific state's processing.

Updates Will Happen

We work with you to monitor changes to your state reporting and make any required changes to the process.

State Reporting is Simple to Generate

The functionality mirrors the billing functionality, and the design makes training easy and cross-training automatic.

State reporting meets the need of every partner

We know that you need to report the required data to your state, and we focus on making it easy to collect and report.
We understand state reporting
Our tools make data collection easy
No training overhead
Monitor updates and changes
Hyperlinks to aid error correction

What our users are saying:

Frequently Asked Questions

We have state reporting for over 35 states; if our library does not include your state, we know how to build it.
EchoVantage includes all billing formats, and the state reporting is unique to the state.

See Our Software In Action

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