Mental Health with Substance Use Recovery

Mental Health with Substance Use Recovery



Form DesignEHR

You need a custom form that you can manage.

You don’t want to engage development for every form you might need. It would be so much better, and less expensive to build it yourself – with us, you can.

An Easy to Use Tool

Form DesignEHR allows you to make forms that replicate paper forms, designs you get from staff, or standard forms that need to be in the application.

Forms That Relate to Clients

You can use the Form DesignEHR tool to create progress notes, forms to include on the client tab, forms to include with capacity maintenance, and forms that appear on a user-defined menu.

Forms Can be Smart

Forms can include stored procedures that pre-load data, calculate scoring, or add any other logic you need.

We Train You

We train you on the design of the table, and how to best use the tool. From there, your imagination and user requirements take over.

Enabling the Form

Once you complete a form, you assign it to a user group and add it to the VHR where users can access it.

Form DesignEHR collects the data you need.

If you have specific data collection needs, you do not need to engage development, you can create the form yourself.
“What you see is what you get” design
Add logic to increase the functionality
Ensure that you have the forms you need
Collect additional demographic data
Create the progress notes your users want
Support the workflow your users expect


customers use our configuration tools, Library or 300 forms

What our users are saying:

Frequently Asked Questions

You will need to create a table to support the form, but Form DesignEHR does not require any other DBA skills.
You can revise a form and make the new form available to users going forward.

During implementation, we offer Form DesignEHR training and provide scripts to support the table creation after training.

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