Mental Health with Substance Use Recovery

Mental Health with Substance Use Recovery




E-prescribing at your fingertips.

Fully integrated e-prescribing available within EchoVantage.
One-Click Access

Access the e-prescribing feature, where you can review medications, approve renewals, and enter a new prescription.

DrFirst Integration

We have integrated with DrFirst, an easy to use tool that includes prescribing for all medications, including Schedule II through V drugs.

Identify Harmful Interactions

DrFirst checks drug to drug interaction, drug to diagnosis interaction, and drug to allergy interaction.

Multiple Levels of Access

Only prescribers require a license; you can set up other users to assist prescribers, and administer your application.

Formulary Alerts

If the payer identifies a formulary, DrFirst will inform you of the formulary requirements at the time of prescribing.

E-Prescribing Made Easy

You can access DrFirst directly from EchoVantage, without a separate log in. Once in DrFirst, you have access to the same client as you accessed in the VHR.
Easy access to integrated e-prescribing tool
Full interaction checking
Medication record available in EchoVantage
Ability to e-prescribe all medications
Establish a favorites list to make prescribing easier
Replicate your workflow for prescribing

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Frequently Asked Questions

All prescribers will require a separate license, but you can identify all other users and they will have a login at no cost.
We regularly upload information from EchoVantage into DrFirst, and the data includes allergies.
We do not require integration with DrFirst. We offer it to those who need it.

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