Mental Health with Substance Use Recovery

Mental Health with Substance Use Recovery



Client Engagement

Client Engagement Tools

We understand that engaging with your client no longer occurs just in your office.

Client Connection by Text

EchoVantage includes a texting feature that supports pre-set reminders for appointments, medications, and other regular activities. You can also send text messages if a clinician is unexpectedly out, or the office is closed.

Mobile Assessments

You can send an assessment by secure email to your client when the client completes the assessment and the results display in the visual health record.

Client Portal

The client portal provides clinical information to the client, secure email, and other useful information.

TeleHealth Capabilities

Whether you need an individual or group session, you can complete your session online with a HIPAA-compliant telehealth solution.

Constant Connection

Echo’s tools allow clinicians to maintain a connection with their clients as much or little as needed.

Client Engagement Tools to Keep You Connected

Echo’s client engagement tools provide connection, collaboration, and security.
Online therapy
On-demand notifications
Securely send assessments
Instant assessment results
Secure email
Client portal

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Frequently Asked Questions

Within the client record, we can capture multiple phone numbers and identify the device type for each one. You select the type you want to text, and we send a text to all clients who have that type.
The client receives a text message upon scheduling the appointment and follow-up messages before the session.
The tool includes the ability to create assessments. The application’s design makes creation very easy so that you can create your forms.

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