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Mental Health with Substance Use Recovery

Mental Health with Substance Use Recovery



California County Solution

A Solution Specific to the California County Market

ShareCare is a web-based application that includes California billing, reporting, and managed care functionality.
A California County System

ShareCare knows the difference between Medicaid and Medi-Cal; standard reporting includes CSI, CalOMS, and MIRCal.

Active User Group

We support an active user group that shares the costs of enhancements, and works with us as new state requirements appear.

Single Application Supporting Mental Health and Drug and Alcohol

We know many counties expect their software to support mental health and alcohol and other drugs. ShareCare maintains the two systems within the application keeping the data separate and secure.

Community-Based Organizations (CBO)

To support data requirements, we created a provider portal where CBOs can upload data, or enter it directly to keep data current and support timely reporting and billing.

Managed Care Functionality

ShareCare supports managed care, and managed care-related services bill to Medi-Cal after adjudication of the claim.

California counties have special requirements.

ShareCare works only with California Counties, and we are committed to maintaining and enhancing as the requirements evolve.
CSI reporting and hyperlinked error resolution
CalOMS reporting and hyperlinked error resolution
Participate in state meetings to monitor changes
Support to accept 837 claims and provide 835 remittances
Provider portal for direct data entry of claims and authorizations
Multiple levels of claim approval
Claim readjudication when rates change or corrections are needed

What our users are saying:

Frequently Asked Questions

ShareCare includes all required assessments and provides an upload function to support the state reporting.
ShareCare supports the download and processing of the MMEF monthly.
ShareCare has complete clinical functionality to support county clinical staff.

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