Billing for Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapists

Save Time and Get Paid Faster with Automated Billing

Fast and accurate, our physical, occupational and speech therapy billing software streamlines billing, so you collect more revenue in less time to focus on what matters most: taking care of clients.

Easy Scheduling

Automate appointment reminders, track client documents, and more.

Productive Insights

Custom reports designed for your specialty allow you to act quickly.

Faster Documentation

Our smart, flexible content makes documentation fast and convenient.

Task Manager

Stay organized and productive with Fusion’s integrated task manager.

Simplify Your Accounting

Electronic Remittance Automation

Save hours of work and eliminate manual billing reconciliation. Seamlessly track what you’re paid on each claim and why.

Custom rules allow you to automate common edits across claims. Take advantage of one-click posting with right-click access to per diem payments, payment adjustments, and notes.

Submit Claims Like a Pro

Automated Claim Creation and Payment Posting 

When you sign off on a daily note, a claim is automatically created. Because claims are tied directly to documentation and our basic claim scrubbing helps keep you accurate, our system’s generated claims have a 98% acceptance rate.

Automated posting gives the biller as much control as manual posting while eliminating extra data entry.

Ease the Pain of Payer Portals

Centralize and manage all payers

No more going to many different portals to submit to different payers. Submit claims to thousands of payers with one click. Then automatically download and process remittances, speeding payment.

Protect client privacy by giving billers only the access they need. You can even view balance status and post payments from the scheduling screen.

illustration of Appointment reminders

Get Paid Faster, More Easily

Payment Processing

Our physical, occupational and speech therapy billing services include payment processing. Integrated credit card processing allows you to handle client payments directly within the EHR.

No upfront costs or monthly fees. And with our Patient Portal, you can allow your clients to make payments online, too!

Spend Less Time Fixing Mistakes

Automatic System Updates

Our therapy client billing software keeps up with the latest standards for billing practices including current medical codes.

Smart filtering displays client visits eligible for payment, including contract information to confirm payment accuracy.

Patient portal using occupational emr software

More Fusion Features

  • Integrated, all-in-one system
  • Expansive library of customized documentation
  • Streamlined, automated reporting
  • Robust goal tracking
  • Secure, accurate and compliant data storage

Need some extra help with your billing?

We’ve got your back. We can optionally handle your claims management process from end to end with our Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) add-on. Just like that—no more insurance billing headaches.

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