ABA Data Collection Whenever, Wherever

Spend Less time on the computer, more time with your clients.

Catalyst’s ABA data collection software:

  • Captures your notes
  • Automates mastery, maintenance, and baseline criteria
  • Graphs your data with the click of a button.

Spend less time with your software, and more time with your clients and parents who need your focus.

Largest Data Repository

149 million attendance records with 65,000 users across all 50 states.

Comprehensive and Customizable

Customize graphs, charts, progress notes, and precise employee performance measures forms.

Smooth Onboarding and Implementation

You’ll be up and running quickly— less than eight weeks—including payer connections.

Highly Reliable Partner

Robust knowledge base and training support with 900 articles and 60+ videos

Real-Time Data

View real-time data as targets are mastered. Check recently mastered targets, those needing more work, trends over time, and more.

Data can be made viewable to therapists, parents, administrators, or anyone you choose.

Optional automation of mastery procedures to speed your daily workflow.

Advanced Graphing Engine

There’s no point in capturing data if it means nothing to you. Our unique graphing engine allows you to visualize data and customize graphs instantly, with up to 20 options.

Perform analyses using condition and trend lines, averages, comparisons, and more.

Share graphs with a click, and easily import into Microsoft Word just as easily.

Power Up With WebABA

Using Therapy Brands’ WebABA to manage your practice? Great! They work perfectly together.

You’ll enjoy intuitive scheduling with credential and availability checks, and approved duration checking, too.

Ultimate efficiency, ultimate ease.

Appointment scheduler 
and reminders on Aba Data Collection Software