Therapy Brands Acquires NewCrop, Adding e-Prescribing Capabilities to Brand Solutions

Acquisition positions Therapy Brands as a leader in e-prescribing capabilities for the mental and behavioral health industry

Therapy Brands, a leading software provider for the mental and behavioral health industry, today announced it has acquired NewCrop, a company that offers a variety of integrated e-prescribing services and support for the complete prescribing process. The acquisition of NewCrop gives Therapy Brands access to e-prescribe functionality, which is expected to become increasingly prevalent in the mental and behavioral health industry.

“NewCrop’s premier e-prescribe solutions save practitioners time by simplifying the process of prescribing medications through electronic submissions, allowing access to real-time data that will help them make decisions quickly,” said Kimberly O’Loughlin, CEO of Therapy Brands. “The acquisition of NewCrop will enable Therapy Brands to expand its end-to-end solution set to include electronic prescriptions and medication management. We are excited to invest in NewCrop’s e-prescribe capabilities to better serve our EHR customers.”

Founded in 2003 by two industry veterans, NewCrop has 15 years of experience delivering industry-leading capabilities in e-prescribing, including  integrated e-prescribing services that help practitioners streamline the prescribing process and make it safer for patients. Offered as add-ons to existing Electronic Health Records (EHRs), these solutions include e-prescribing for controlled substances, real-time benefit information, electronic prior authorization, decision support and access to medication history. 

“The opportunity to offer our e-prescribing services to Therapy Brands’ customer base is an exciting proposition for us,” said Dr. Lawrence Susnow, President and Chief Medical Officer of NewCrop. “With growth expected for e-prescribing solutions in the mental and behavioral health segment, we are looking forward to working as a part of the Therapy Brands team to bring these capabilities to providers while working to continuously improve our technology and solutions.”


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