Kimberly O’Loughlin: Empowering Yourself and Your Business For Success

Therapy Brands is a Birmingham, AL — based healthcare technology company that is addressing the rising demand for mental and behavioral health treatment by delivering cost-effective mental and therapeutic tools and solutions for their customers. Serving the psychotherapy, substance use recovery, applied behavior analysis (ABA) and physical therapy markets, their goal is to be a ubiquitous technology partner for their customers by offering strategic capabilities to meet their clinical, administrative and billing needs.

Therapy Brands’ suite of integrated software solutions includes electronic health record (EHR), treatment planning, practice management, e-prescription, telehealth, card payment processing, patient engagement, reporting and insight data collection tools. The company also offers revenue cycle management services that supports customer billing, claims and revenue collection needs. Their suite of solutions are designed to streamline business operations, so their customers can focus on caring for their patients from some of the most vulnerable populations.

An Accomplished Leader

Kimberly O’Loughlin joined Therapy Brands as the CEO in February 2020. Prior to this, she served as President of Greenway Health, a healthcare IT company assisting the ambulatory market, where she helped the company win the “KLAS Most Improved Ambulatory EHR” category award twice for Revenue Cycle Management.

Before Greenway, O’Loughlin ran two global businesses for Philips and prior to joining Philips, held senior leadership positions in the telecommunications, financial services and insurance industries. She served on the board of Lightbeam Health Solutions, Inc. and was Chairman of the Board of an international joint venture at Vonage.

O’Loughlin holds a Bachelor of Science degree in electrical engineering and computer science from Princeton University and a Master’s degree in applied psychology from Steven’s Institute of Technology. She served as class president at Princeton and is currently associated with the Alumni Schools Committee and also volunteers at Habitat for Humanity and the local YMCA program where she provides academic support for disadvantaged children. O’Loughlin currently resides in New Jersey with her husband and three children.

Thriving through Experiences

O’Loughlin says that many experiences and people inspired her throughout her career journey, but the journey of self-awareness is key.  She notes that as a leader, it is important to be aware of areas in which you can better yourself and to dedicate time for self-improvement. O’Loughlin shares that as an introvert, she experienced challenges early on in her career when addressing a large impromptu audience. These teachable experiences inspired her to take action and set time aside to build her public speaking skills and overall communication acumen.

Additionally, O’Loughlin shares valuable insight into four key areas that lead to her success; be true to yourself, never stop learning, make most of the present and do your best in any endeavor. With these guiding principles in mind, she is focused on her goal of achieving the best solutions for Therapy Brands’ customers and investing resources to enable employees to thrive.

Innovative Tools for Effective Healthcare Solutions

O’Loughlin notes that disruptive technologies are making a difference in the marketplace by utilizing data to improve clinical efficacy and care pathways for efficient removal of administrative work. She adds that disruptive technologies can also be leveraged in businesses for efficient and effective operations, such as marketing campaigns, customer support and claims workflow efficiency. O’Loughlin states that leaders need to ensure teams have the required resources and expertise to reach these opportunities.

“Having a plan for the organizational capability that is needed in today’s digital age is crucial for success.”

Therapy Brands strives to deliver innovative solutions that exceed customers’ expectations by relentlessly focusing on their needs. O’Loughlin says that the product design and delivery teams frequently communicate with customers and prioritize their needs by ensuring their solutions are simple and streamlined. The company is geared for the future by focusing of the “art of the possible” by hoping to leverage emerging technology such as AI, ML, blockchain and predictive analytics to enable efficiency, improve outcomes and increase cost-effective satisfaction.

Transformational Leadership for the Future

What does a transformational leadership look like? “Transformational leaders are excellent at energizing a team around an inspirational vision,” says O’Loughlin. “Connecting the dots and integrating information and opportunity is paramount. Ultimately, these leaders have the conviction for demonstrating excitement about changing the way things are today to make a difference and improve something important tomorrow.”

O’Loughlin shares that Therapy Brands has an exciting road ahead. The company is continuing to serve a rapidly growing market with increasing patient demand and is working to change the technological perspective for what is possible in the mental and behavioral and physical therapy health markets. “Our customers and their patients deserve to have mission-critical tools to run their businesses and serve the needs of the patients they serve.”

Advice to Young Women Entrepreneurs

O’Loughlin’s number one piece of advice for young women who aspire for career success is to set the bar high. She says, ” I believe that initiative is one of the most important factors in a person’s success. Great leaders find a way to overcome obstacles and seize opportunities!”


Kimberly O’Loughlin: Empowering Yourself and Your Business For Success