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Episode 3: Decoding the CMS 1500

What is the CMS 1500? In this episode, Sage explains the CMS 1500 claim form, goes into detail on each box of the form, and gives tips on how listeners can enter this information into their EHR system successfully to avoid claim rejections. Listen now or check out the transcript below! Introduction Hi there! Thank you

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How to Write Excellent SOAP Notes for Speech Therapy

As a pediatric speech therapist, you know that defensible documentation (i.e., clear and detailed notes) is an essential part of demonstrating your skilled service and getting paid. Whether you use clinic software or the old pen and paper method, managing your SOAP notes and evaluations can easily become overwhelming when working with multiple patients. But you don’t

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3 Tips for Maintaining Outcomes Integrity in Behavioral Health

The Behavioral Health field is undergoing a data revolution where electronic capture of daily activity is expected to produce reports that demonstrate, among other things, quality. The initial response to this paradigm shift is to have an electronic health record that can capture data, and produce reporting and analytics capabilities that use the data to

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8 Things to Do When Starting an Online Counseling Practice

Here at thera-LINK, we get lots of questions about doing online therapy/counseling. Sometimes those questions come from private practitioners that just simply want to add an online component to their existing practice, and sometimes they are from people that are just launching their private practice. If you fall into the latter category, we have a

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Meaningful Use in Behavioral Health | Taming the Wild Wild West

There’s a certain allure to western movies. Of watching the main hero overcome the Wild West and all it entails, gun fights, train robberies, stampedes, fellow cowboys without the good-side the hero inevitably has. The central conflict and the main character will change with each movie, but one aspect of the movie is always consistent.

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