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Software you can trust to handle complex billing and revenue cycle management.

Enterprise billing perfected

A broken billing process means more than just denied claims. Issues in your revenue cycle can lead to delays in cashflow, resulting in operational issues. But with Logik, you can say goodbye to billing headaches. For over 30 years, Logik has been partnering with behavioral health organizations to elevate their billing and revenue cycle management (RCM). Our intuitive software streamlines billing and patient management to help organizations maximize revenue and create efficiency. Grow a more profitable organization with less hassle by letting Logik handle the heavy lifting.

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Helping you save time while getting paid more

Logik’s comprehensive features are designed to improve each step of the billing process

  • Prior Authorization
  • Charge Generation
  • Transaction Reporting
  • Accounts Receivable Trial Balance
  • Electronic Claims Management and Submission
  • Standard and Customized Billing Formats
  • Configurable Admissions Module
  • Custom Reporting and Analysis
  • Custom Integration
  • eVerify
  • And more!

Who Uses Logik?

Logik Demo_Behavioral Health

Behavioral Health Organizations

Our platform seamlessly supports practices and facilities within behavioral health specialties, including substance abuse, dual diagnosis, eating disorders treatment, rehab, psych, and more.

Logik Demo_Specialized Treatment

Specialized Treatment Facilities

We understand unique challenges come with running facilities that offer specialized treatment such as PHP and IOP. Work with billing software equipped to combat hurdles such as eligibility concerns.

Logik Demo_Multi-site

Multi-site Organizations

Logik's cloud-based software allows you to access your data from anywhere that you can connect to the internet. Streamlining your billing by saving you time, reducing errors, and maximizing your revenue.

Logik Demo_Multispecialty

Multispecialty Facilities

It doesn't get much more complex then multispecialty facility billing. Logik enables your billing specialists to expedite their workflows with tools like prior authorization and eVerify, all at their fingertips.

30+ years

of partnering with behavioral health organizations

We understand the challenges you face.

When it comes to billing for healthcare services and facility fees, we understand the challenges you face: administrative time, patient intake, recording accurate patient demographics, and ever-changing billing regulations– just to name a few!

Logik was created by healthcare accounting experts for billing specialists. Our mission is to make sure you have everything you need to run your practice or facility efficiently and effectively.

We offer complete Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) from charge creation, claim submission, and the entire payment process. All within one simple platform that tracks, reports, and manages all claims and payments.

Our Solutions Power the Billing Capabilities of Over 200 EHRs

Because EHRs are designed to support patient care and practice management, many don’t offer advanced billing capabilities. Logik partners with EHRs to provide clinicians with all the tools needed to run a successful organization. 

Prior Authorization

Prior Authorization

Keep track of authorizations for every patient and get insight into denials.
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Custom Reporting and Analysis

Custom Reporting and Analysis

Generate daily, weekly, and monthly customizable reports with powerful analytical capabilities.
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Claims Management

Claims Management

Submit accurate claims, manage denials, and get access to an integrated clearinghouse.
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Custom Integration

Custom Integration

Create software integrations with EHRs, pharmacies, laboratories, and more.
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Patient Management

Patient Management

From the initial intake, track and access patient information in real-time.
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Reduce billing errors and claim denials by introducing quality assurance measures into your practice’s operations.
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