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Mental & Behavioral Health

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The impact that community health agencies have on their communities cannot be overstated, but neither can their responsibilities. You’ve got fewer resources and you’re held to a higher standard. ShareNote was created specifically to cater to the demands of mental and behavioral health agencies, complete with exhaustive state reporting, a dedicated success coach, e-prescribe that includes EPCS-controlled substances, and comprehensive documentation tools. We’ll help you gather value-based metrics so you can provide detailed reports for grant funding and increased revenue.

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Solutions Focused on Community Health

  • Practice management software.
  • SMS, phone and email appointment reminders.
  • Robust billing.
  • Wiley Notes and Practice Planners.
  • Client portal with self-service and unlimited form sharing.
  • Secure messaging.
  • Customizable, dynamic note template.
  • Credit card payment processing.
  • Audit and management reporting.
  • Knowledge base articles and videos.
  • White glove implementation and training.
  • Dedicated account management.
  • Eligibility checks (Apex customers only).
  • Telehealth session with up to 20 participants.
  • Email, chat and phone support.
  • Safer e-prescribe.
  • Intuitive scheduling.
  • Value-based care metrics
  • Lab orders and vitals

Who Uses ShareNote?

Small Clinic

Small Clinics

Small clinic, big responsbilities. You need a professional solution that won’t break your budget and that keeps track of legislative changes for you.

Community Health (1)

Community Health

You seek assistance in maintaining accreditations and meeting state, federal, and Medicaid standards. You create detailed reports to measure KPIs.

Social Work

Social Workers

You want a HIPAA-compliant platform that keeps data secure and protected from unauthorized access - while allowing your clients to see their information.

Social Worker Home Visit

Licensed Counselors

You spend hours doing fieldwork, so you need a mobile solution that helps you get everything done on time and that can be used at the point of service.


Professionals Served


Patients Helped

Clinical Productivity

To help you provide the best care, ShareNote Community is geared towards clinical efficiency, with all the tools you need to support whole-person, evidence-based, multi-specialty treatment plans. Our comprehensive reporting and analytics clear the noise so you can create focused, clear reports showing you the most important KPIs for growth and auditors.

Our unlimited notes, templates, goal banks, and assessments are all customizable—no need to work with documents that don’t fit your practice.

Solving Agency Issues

ShareNote combines all the services you need in one place, enabling you to drive your agency forward. We want to help you do what you do best: help your community.



Easily track claims to assess payment collection and claims denials. Spend less time on billing and get paid faster.
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Accountable scheduling allows staff to "check-in" to account fo time spent with clients, even at the point of service.
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Task Manager

Task Manager

Know when to call clients for follow-ups and get all the information you need, from appointment detail to client information.
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Unlimited Note Types

Unlimited Note Types

Stay compliant and keep real-time data flowing through the system. Our client portal offers unlimited note types. Securely share data with clients, caregivers or other providers.
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Highly intuitive features mean a shorter learning curve for staff. Ongoing training webinars and a knowledge center help you stay on top of updates and training.
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Better Reporting

Better Reporting

Our reporting system is easy to use, with a dashboard that helps you focus on KPIs. Track and monitor staff and clinical productivity. Pull and export reports as needed.
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