Applied Behavior Analysis

Applied Behavior Analysis

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Collaborate Better

Running a group practice can be difficult. With multiple providers, things like scheduling and billing become much more complex. In order for a software solution to truly make your life easier, it needs to account for those unique challenges. WebABA Group was not only designed by BCBAs who understands your day-to-day needs, but our sophisticated software is equipped to handle (& simplify) even the most complicated of workflows. Allowing you to better collaborate, and create a more efficient practice.

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The Sophistication You Deserve

WebABA Group’s range of intuitive features is everything you need to efficiently run your practice.

  • Intelligent Group Scheduling
  • Secure Messaging
  • Parent Portal
  • Billing & Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)
  • Credit Card Payments
  • Telehealth
  • Therapy Note Templates
  • Reporting
  • Mileage Tracking
  • Payroll Integration
  • Implementation and Unlimited Support
  • Dedicated Success Coach
  • And more!

What Can You Improve with WebABA Group?

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Coordination & Communication

With transparency into client history, billing reports and status, scheduling concerns, etc., providers can be on the same page with client needs and practice health.

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Treatment Consistency

Maintain treatment consistency with detailed therapy notes all in one place and Catalyst data collection integration that allows you to review clients’ previous interventions and data.

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Effective Client Allocation

Our advanced intelligent group scheduling allows clients to be matched with providers that best meet their needs, while accounting for provider availability and hours.

ABA Billing

Practice Management & Administration

Administrative tasks like insurance billing gets even more complex with group practices. WebABA helps to improve revenue cycle management and administrative workflows.

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appointments billed on our platform

Feel like something's missing?

You have all the components of a successful ABA practice: great therapists, amazing clients, helpful staff – and yet, there is a piece of the puzzle missing in your practice efficiency. Without effectively managing components like your revenue cycle management (RCM), it will be difficult to grow, or even maintain, your practice’s operations. WebABA Group helps to improve your workflows for billing, RCM, reporting, scheduling, etc., introducing you to more practice transparency, consistency, and efficiency.

Data Collection Integration

WebABA Group seamlessly integrates with Catalyst, our industry-leading data collection software. With this duo, you can enjoy unprecedented streamlining, such as full integration with payroll and session notes, allowing your staff to do their work anywhere, anytime.

Intelligent Group Scheduling

Intelligent Group Scheduling

View the availability of multiple providers, find suitable time slots, and manage attendance. Intelligent algorithms also suggest optimal scheduling options based on availability and preferences.
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Credit Card Payments

Credit Card Payments

Credit card payment integration allows clients to securely make payments for services; simplifying the payment process and improving cash flow management.
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Secure Messaging

Secure Messaging

Secure messaging enables confidential communication between therapists, clients, and paraprofessionals; providing a secure platform for exchanging messages, sharing files, and collaborating on treatment-related matters.
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Therapy Notes Templates

Therapy Notes Templates

Enjoy standardized formats and structures for documenting session notes, treatment plans, progress updates, and other clinical documentation. These templates can save time, ensure consistency, and maintain best practices and legal requirements.
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Comprehensive reporting features provide insight on various aspects of the practice, such as financial performance, client demographics, treatment outcomes, and session utilization.
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Implementation & Unlimited Support

Implementation & Unlimited Support

Switching to new practice management software might seem like a pain, but don't worry, it's not. Thanks to our easy data migration software, you'll be up and running in no time, hassle free.
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