Applied Behavior Analysis

Applied Behavior Analysis


The #1 ABA data collection software for professionals.

Capture everything, anywhere

Designed by BCBAs who understand your daily challenges, Catalyst has optimized the processes for collecting, graphing, organizing, and analyzing ABA data. Easily create and share customizable graphs and reports, enjoy access to all your data collection tools at your fingertips (without lugging around equipment), and take advantage of features such as automated mastery, maintenance, and baseline criteria to help you improve clinical outcomes. With Catalyst working for you, you’ll have more information to develop treatment plans and more time to focus on client care.

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Data Collection Made Easier

Catalyst’s intuitive features makes it easier for you to collect and organize data for client treatment and RBT supervision. 

  •  Advanced Graphing Engine
  • Automated Mastery, Maintenance, and Baseline Criteria
  • Skill Acquisition Data
  • Behavior Reduction Data
  • Automatic Progress Reports
  • SOAP Note Session Matching
  • Digital VB-MAPP Integration
  • Integrated Calendar
  • Background Data Syncing
  • WebABA Practice Management Software Integration
  • Orgnaizational behavioral management (OBM)
  • RBT Supervision
  • And More!

Who Uses Catalyst?

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Solo Practioners

You’re doing everything yourself, so you need to save time where you can. With tools like automated, customizable graphs and reports, recording and analyzing data just got a lot quicker.

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Growing Practices

Your practice is growing and you need resources that can keep up. Don't stress about finding time to record, organize, and analyze your data, using multiple software. Let Catalyst do all the heavy lifting.

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Large Practices

You run a large practice which means lots of clients, lots of supervisees, lots of data. Not only is manually managing all that data a headache, but it can also be inefficient. See how Catalyst can power your practice.

Working with Children ABa


You play a key role in enforcing and evaluating intervention effectiveness. However, you're also caring for other kids and need to optimize your time. Try a data collection tool you can take with you anywhere.


active providers and 2,000 practices

Made with You in Mind

You provide daily support and care to your clients and their families, it’s time someone supports you. Catalyst was designed to make sure you have the tools needed to improve clinical outcomes while creating extra time for all too-busy ABA providers. We continuously listen to your needs and adapt our software to meet them. Best of all, you can expect endless support from our Care team to help you and your staff use the software to its full capabilities.

Say Goodbye to Shoulder Pain

Let’s take a look in briefcase… a clipboard, laptop, stopwatch, timer, clicker, a bunch of paper, and everything else you could possibly need to collect data. That sounds heavy. Why not condense everything into one software you can access from any device?



Easily collect and analyze data, track RBT progress, share and communicate information with parents, improve practice productivity, and more.
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Easily capture and analyze data wherever, whenever - allowing you to easily assess your intervention effectiveness and make changes when needed.
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Parents & Caregivers

Parents & Caregivers

With clear, concise, and organized data, parents & caregivers have clearer transparency into their child's progress and needs.
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Easily track and document intervention effectiveness and progress in achieving specific learning objectives.
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Catalyst helps to keep supervision relationships organized and well-documented with centralized data.
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Office Managers

Office Managers

With Catalyst's Organization Behavior Management (OBM) software, office managers can monitor and improve employee performance, productivity, and culture. Happier staff, happier clients.
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