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Why You Should Use Vision Billing Software

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An optometrist performing an eye exam for her patient.

Rampant errors in insurance claims and coding may result in delayed revenue cycles for clinics. These errors prevent vision care professionals from realizing the percentage of payments they should from insurance companies. Even when they finally receive these payments, it’s weeks after the claim has been submitted, slowing down cash flow. But billing tools like Apex EDI’s insurance claim clearinghouse remove the headache from the whole process. 

About Vision Care Billing Software 

An efficient vision care billing software has many benefits for your practice: 

  • Saves time and money 
  • Integrates seamlessly with your current optometry software 
  • Reduces errors in your billing process 
  • Access to web-based claim management and reporting capabilities 

You can leverage our efficient vision care billing software system to propel your company to the next level of growth with enhanced productivity and profitability through various features. Use an API integration to connect to your optometry office’s practice management software to speed your claim processing. It is as easy as a plug-and-play process which combines patient information with the ledger and billing sections for easier management and analysis. 

Here is why you should use vision care billing software to enhance your practice management: 

1. Minimize the Risk of Errors 

Working with an innovative vision care billing software reduces the margin of risk considerably. This means your staff will waste no time re-working erroneous claims and be able focus their energies on other important aspects of your practice.  

Also, errors in claims may result in delayed payments, which can stymy your organization’s cash flow. But you can avoid such a situation by using vision care billing software, which minimizes errors, and ensures prompt payments. Automatic claim scrubbing can save your staff long hours identifying and rectifying errors in claims. Electronic remittance service will also expedite the process. 

2. Pool Patient Information 

Your health organization has lots of patient data and information to manage. You wouldn’t want to take chances manually handling this data. Your staff could be overwhelmed with the many claims to be filled out and dispatched to clients. Since the software can help you keep clean records, you won’t have to worry about a random health insurance audit. Your documents will always be in order, ensuring your clinic is always ready for the auditor. 

An integrated software system helps you keep tabs on all the patient data. It also helps you to enter the correct data into fields, create accurate bills, and easing the claim submission process. You can use this software to view reports and improve claim management. 

You won’t have to worry about the security of your patient data when transmitting it online. Apex EDI web-based system comes equipped with safety measures such as data encryption, and multi-factor authentication, to keep your data away from the prying eyes of cybercriminals. It also helps you maintain compliance with HIPAA requirements. 

3. Improve Productivity 

Billing software provides excellent access to your crucial financial data to help you monitor your progress. It can also connect to almost any practice management software, so you have everything in one place. This would help you identify areas that need improvement easily. 

This software also ensures you can verify patient eligibility before you can send claims to their insurance providers. This helps your team to eliminate the back and forth with insurance companies and reduce risk of insurance fraud. Custom reports are useful in identifying and resolving gaps in claim processing, paving the way for efficient and accurate claim processing. 

Optometrist performing an eye exam. 
Innovative vision tools can lighten the administrative burden of your team. 

4. Reduce Paperwork 

The health care sector is moving away from paperwork to increase efficiency and cut down on information loss. Paperwork can also be time-consuming and less accurate compared to automated systems. But submitting claims electronically is faster since you also receive remittance advice electronically. 

To get rid of paperwork, you need to invest in a reliable and efficient medical billing software. This would give your staff the peace of mind they need to dedicate great service to your clients, and increase profitability. They won’t work well if they have to constantly worry about possible or potential errors common in paperwork. 

I just wanted to let you know we are seeing payments and the turnaround time is AMAZING! Apex is allowing us to collect so much faster than before, and our over 60 days receivables are down by 23%.Bethany Cassar, Complete Eye Health

5. Cut Down on Office Expenses 

Clinic often invest heavily in human resources, and infrastructure. This increases overheads in the name of salaries and wages, and purchases of the necessary hardware. They can leave a huge impact on your returns if you don’t take measures to streamline them to save costs. One way of cutting down overheads is by using automated systems. 

Using automated vision care billing software can help you reduce the human resource needed to accomplish such repetitive tasks as billing and claim management. This is because you won’t need many people to handle these tasks. 

Partner with Us 

Your health firm stands to reap from the many benefits of our innovative vision care billing software. At Apex EDI, we have the experience and expertise to handle your claims processing, give your clinic the much-needed edge to compete effectively in the market and provide high-quality services. 

Schedule a free live demo today to see Apex EDI in action.  



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