What ABA Practitioners Should Know About EVV (Electronic Visit Verification)

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Disclaimer: This blog is purely for informational purposes and should not be used in lieu of federal and state regulatory sources. We encourage you to complete more research and follow deadlines as you see fit.

EVV in the News

ABA practitioners everywhere are getting alerts about electronic visit verification. Whether it is from industry news or team members asking questions about compliance. There’s a lot of misinformation out there, and we want to clear things up.

The Mandate

According to Section 12006(a) of the 21st Century Cures Act, states must implement EVV for “all Medicaid personal care services (PCS) and home health services (HHCS) that require an in-home visit by a provider.” States will have to require EVV for federally funded services that fall under PCS and HHCS. In general, the mandate does not include applied behavioral analysis (ABA) services. However, states may be more stringent and add ABA to their requirements.

Thus far, Colorado and Florida have begun working with state-approved EVV vendors and started the process of requiring it for ABA providers. Florida, for example, has been working with Tellus, LLC for implementation and has initiated a soft launch with a scheduled mandatory launch date of March 1, 2020. 

What ABA Practitioners Can Do Next

ABA Practitioners in All States: Review your state’s requirements for EVV. Currently, the only states requiring EVV for ABA providers are Colorado and Florida, but this may change over time.

ABA Practitioners in Colorado: Work to comply with the EVV mandate in Colorado by late summer 2020. Colorado has developed a hybrid model for EVV which means that providers can use the states EVV solution (Sandata) or an alternate EVV vendor. For those interested in using an alternative EVV vendor, the first step is to contact Sandata directly to begin testing. (Read more from Colorado HCPF)

ABA Practitioners in Florida: Receive training and make sure your rendering provider’s contact information is up to date within the Florida Medicaid Management Information System or Tellus’ EVV system. Providers currently have the option to submit claims via Tellus’ EVV system but are not required to do so until the mandatory launch date. (Read more from AHCA)

How WebABA is Striving to Help You Moving Forward

It’s important to us that you have a seamless process for every aspect of your business. Which is why we’re planning to integrate with Colorado and Florida’s state-approved vendors when they are ready to accept new integration partners. We will be updating our platform as those integrations are finalized and updating you as more news about EVV requirements are released. The WebABA Mobile App already captures clock in/out information so you will be ready when deadlines arrive. We’re here to keep you informed and ready even as more changes occur.

A special note to Colorado customers: As a first step in the integration process, each provider must reach out to Sandata directly to begin the process of testing with WebABA. The contact information for Sandata is listed below.

When you reach out to them, please reference WebABA as your chosen “alternate EVV vendor” to determine your next steps. More information about this process can also be found on the Colorado HCPF website at Colorado HCPF EVV Provider Choice Systems Process.

Sandata Technologies:
Phone: (855) 871-8780
Email: CO-HCPF-EVVProviderHelpdesk@etraconline.net

During “Phase 2” of Sandata’s process, a representative should provide you with contact information for the Sandata technical interface support team. When you receive this information, please contact us at 646-926-7081 and provide the contact details so we can begin the work on our side.



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