Think:Therapy – Meet the Team: Shannon Foster 

Reading Time: 2 Minutes

Name: Shannon Foster

Title: Account Executive – PTOT

Fun Fact: I love to fish!

What is your role? I am an Account Executive in PTOT Sales 

What do you like about working here? It’s simple—I love my customers and I love my coworkers. I am an occupational therapist, and although I’m not treating patients, my experience still touches and helps people. I speak with other therapists every day, and I’m always learning new things. I love hearing their stories and being able to offer solutions that I know, from my own experience, will help them tremendously.  

Our company works mostly remotely, but there’s incredible camaraderie here. I have built amazing friendships with people who are now so special in my life. I am grateful for my team and the culture that we have created together. We lift each other up and celebrate our successes. 

How do you affect our mission? I am lucky to be able to offer therapists an all-in-one platform that will transform their practice. It eliminates multiple logins and platforms and addresses the pain points that we therapists feel every day. Most of which is the burden of documentation! 

Tell us about a time when you made a positive impact. Every time I talk to a therapist who is coming from paper and pencil documentation and scheduling, I know I’m putting hours back into their day by introducing them to Fusion. This hits home for me because I am a mom, and having more time in my day to focus on my children rather than work is a gift. If I can give that gift to other moms and dads, I know I have made a positive impact.  

What do you do when you aren’t helping our customers?  Not many people know this, but I love to fish! And the best part is my kids are now old enough that they have caught the fishing bug too, so we have a lot of fun together. I‘m also an avid runner and love to play softball. When I am not doing those things, I am usually ferrying my three children to their baseball and softball games and coaching and cheering them on.  



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