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Supporting Chronic Pain Patients with Electronic Prescriptions

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More than 50 million American adults suffer from chronic pain. It’s one of the main reasons why they seek medical care. For patients struggling with pain management, however, filling prescriptions, doctors visits, and debates with insurance companies can be a major hindrance. Further, at times, treating these patients with regulated, addictive medications may be the best chance they have at regaining their quality of life. These medications bring with them a new host of troubles, thankfully electronic prescriptions help providers support these patients. 

Reduced Travel and Complete Telemedicine Care

When your life is plagued by pain, the simple task of visiting the doctor or taking a trip to the pharmacy can become a considerable trek.

Additionally, the COVID pandemic saw a mass adoption event of telehealth tools. As we emerge from the pandemic, however, the benefits of these new treatment options remain. Telehealth remains an indispensable tool when it comes to treating patients who may otherwise not be able to make their appointments, whether due to time constraints, lack of transportation, mental health concerns (like anxiety and depression), or in our case, chronic pain. Electronic prescriptions and telemedicine are two integrations that are quickly becoming essentials for the modern EHR. Further, patients are becoming accustomed to these care options and in order for a provider to meet these needs, they will need an EHR that offers top-notch versions of these services.

Fewer Insurance Headaches

Those who live a relatively pain-free life can still understand the immense frustration of finding out you’re expected to pay more than you thought for your prescriptions. And, if you do struggle with chronic pain, making back and forth phone calls or even extra trips to your doctor or pharmacy can exacerbate your symptoms, deplete your already limited energy, and further delay access to much-needed medications.

When a doctor uses electronic prescribing software, they also have access to a whole host of other resources that can help with the prescribing decision. Real-time benefits tools, for example, and managed care formularies can help prescribers choose medications that will best suit the patient’s coverage and condition. Plus, most insurance denials are caused by simple clerical errors, small mistakes or omitted information, with an e-prescribe tool integrated into your EHR, prescribers and billers will have a much easier time getting insurance claims accepted.

Mitigating the Risk for Drug Abuse

Sadly, many drug abusers begin their journey with legal pain medication. This is a dangerous and slippery slope. Numerous statistics show how much more likely someone addicted to opioid painkillers is to start using harder drugs than those who are not. When a physician begins working with a patient along a course that may require addictive medications, they have a responsibility to do their research to best mitigate this risk. A fully integrated e-prescribe tool allows doctors to access other EHR materials, like opioid risk assessments and patient histories. The e-prescribe screen itself, within the EHR, can give doctors even more information like drug interactions and, in some cases, pharmacogenomics to assess potential risk for drug abuse of opioid medications.

Minimizing Side Effects

For patients with chronic pain, the aim of pain management is to help them maintain or regain their quality of life. Unfortunately, sometimes the medications prescribed can actually add to a patient’s suffering with undesirable consequences. Thankfully, with interaction checking and patient education, doctors can minimize the potential for negative side effects. These resources also help doctors have a conversation with patients, engaging them in their care, preventing nonadherence should those side-effects occur.

The bottom line? Electronic prescriptions improve patient care for patients struggling with chronic pain. In addition, this tool helps healthcare organizations and health IT stay compliant and simplify practice management. Want to learn more about how NewCrop Rx supports EHR providers with industry-leading content and e-prescribe capabilities? Schedule a demo today.



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