Resources for Physical and Occupational Therapists

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As a therapist or a manager of a physical or occupational therapy clinic, it’s critical to keep your practice on the cutting edge of treatment as well as practice management. But where do you go to find the latest and greatest? Here are 6 resources to help your practice keep up with trends in physical therapy.


American Physical Therapy Association (APTA)

Where would this list be if we didn’t start with the wealth of content available from the APTA? With over 100,000 members, this physical therapy professional association needs little introduction as the leading resource for therapists, clinic managers, researchers, and students. But you may not be familiar with all they have to offer. Not only do they have an incredible feed of up-to-date articles, but members have access to tons of guides, journals, references, and more through their PTNow evidence-based practice content library.


Commission of Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE)

Like APTA (and in fact, they’re part of the same organization), CAPTE offers a breadth and depth of information to help therapists and students not only acquire and maintain their accreditation, but to continue growing their skills. From guidelines and handbooks to educator resources, CAPTE should be your first stop shop when growing your clinic, moving up in your career, or becoming a mentor for others.


Perfecting the Practice Podcast

We all know running a successful therapy practice is more than just excellent patient care. Thankfully, Therapy Brands’ own Perfecting the Practice podcast is here to help with everything involved “behind the scenes” with practice management. Perfecting the Practice invites industry leaders in health IT, security, compliance, customer care and more to provide insight on trends and help your practice understand the complicated landscape you work in. Even better, this podcast is available on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.

PEDro: Physiotherapy Evidence Database PEDro is a collaborative database that has been operating for over two decades out of the Institute for Musculoskeletal Health at the University of Sydney. Jam-packed with valuable data and publications, it’s a substantial resource for any therapist looking to solve problems or take the next step in a patient’s intervention.


Therapy Brands also offers a ton of free resources, from blog posts to podcasts and eBooks. Be sure to check them out!



This Wikipedia-style contributor-driven encyclopedia is a sizeable free resource to find thought leadership from other thinkers in the field. Physiopedia is a great way to quickly build knowledge based on cases from other therapists. Per the Physiopedia team, “The website is the largest available physiotherapy knowledge resource and is used by people in every corner of the world.” As a world-wide library of knowledge connecting over 3-million therapists, there’s really no limit to what you can discover here.


Resources from Therapy Brands and Fusion

If you’ve got a question, there’s a good chance we’ve got an answer. Therapy Brands and Fusion have access to an incredible network of professionals that are not only therapists but experts in the fields of compliance, software, billing, and more. Plus, as a member of our family – they’re all at your disposal to help your practice run efficiently and effectively. Talk with one of our specialists today to see all that our team and our all-in-one EHR/PMS can offer you.


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