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Oral Surgery Claims: Things You Should Know About Submitting Oral Surgery Claims

Reading Time: 2 Minutes

There are several costly mistakes oral surgeons can make when it comes to submitting oral surgery claims. The billing and coding challenges are unlike any other medical specialty. Apex EDI has the expertise and experience to make processing dental and oral surgery claims easier for you and your staff.

First and foremost, it’s important to know how to capitalize on both the patient’s medical and dental insurance to receive the maximum reimbursement. This requires educating your staff on how to properly request insurance cards, check for benefits and authorize treatment. Your patient’s benefit from lower out of pocket expenses when you make sure everyone on your team understands how to coordinate medical and dental benefits.

It is critical that your billing service has experience in how to properly align dental and medical coding before submitting claims. This can be a daunting task for staff, dentists, and doctors. Having a knowledgeable billing service, like Apex EDI, can relieve this stress and help you eliminate errors. When codes are assigned correctly, it has a direct financial impact on your business. You get reimbursed faster.

Finally, proper documentation must support the claims submitted for reimbursement. Your staff must be able to align and produce the correct medical documents with the procedures billed. The financial risk with incorrect documentation is significant. Insurance companies can recover what they paid to you along with penalties and interest.  

At Apex EDI, we want to ensure that your claims are submitted accurately and you get reimbursed quickly. Mistakes in billing can have a devastating impact on your practice. Contact us at Apex EDI to find out more about how we can help you and request a free demonstration of our software today!



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