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Logik Delivers Anytime, Anywhere Access to Cloud-based Billing System with Progress Opened and Telerik UI for ASP.NET AJAX Controls

For over 25 years, Logik has relied on the Progress® OpenEdge® platform to power its Client Server billing solution. Headquartered in Lakeview, Oregon, Logik creates billing and accounts receivable software to help customers maximize cash flow and reduce overhead. Logik users experience quick claim turn-around, low days in accounts receivable, and higher profits per patient encounter. This terrific track record with its on-premise solution called Logik, coupled with a history of accessing the most current technologies, prompted the Logik management team to recognize the growth opportunities for a web-based solution. Progress Open Edge and Telerik tools provided a means to that end.

Based on the OpenEdge platform, Logik is a cloud-based billing and accounts receivable management system for the behavioral healthcare industry. The solution is not an iteration of the Logik Client Server application, but an entirely new schema, using current .NET and Web design interface tools, including Telerik® UI for ASP.net Ajax controls. The result is an intuitive user experience and the convenience of accessing Logik anywhere, anytime, through any browser. Logik’s Software as a Service (SaaS) model accelerates clients’ time-to-value, eliminating upfront implementation and capital costs associated with an on-premise implementation.

Logik’s Enterprise Framework simplifies setup and provides for consistent reporting across multiple business units within large enterprises. Its Smart Grid feature allows organizations to customize access to enterprise information. And the system offers a powerful reporting module to schedule, store and manage web-based reports, and to manage cash payments throughout the revenue cycle.

“There was no question that we would once again choose Progress OpenEdge as the platform for Logik, due to our familiarity with the product, our experience and our satisfaction,” explains Dwight Comer, co-owner of Logik. “OpenEdge is an incredibly scalable, reliable, high-performance platform that has delivered continuous benefits to our customers over the years.”

Logik also selected the Telerik UI for ASP.net Ajax framework for developing an intuitive and powerful user interface. “We did look at other UI vendors, including DevExpress, but Telerik grid controls are more robust and impressive,” said Fritz Culver, co-owner of Logik. “We really appreciated how the controls can be customized, which also differentiates Telerik from the other solutions. Finally, we found Telerik controls to be far more intuitive and user-friendly, presenting both development efficiency and an attractive, intuitive user experience.”

Logik added significant functionality to the Telerik RadGrid for a powerful and customized user experience through what it calls the Logik Smart Grid. Each user can develop and store column layouts, data filters and multilevel sorts for interacting with data the way they prefer. Built-in cross-tabulations allow customers to make sense of large amounts of information. And the Smart Grid feature enables customers to associate any number of notes and attachments to a record. Once the user filters, sorts and lays out the data the way they want, they can export it to PDF, Excel or Word with a few mouse clicks.

Logik leverages the Telerik UI ToolTip control extensively to improve navigation and enable users to mouse-over an object to see a brief description. There are numerous other navigation tools within the Telerik solution, allowing users to move from any point in the system to related information. For example, if a user is working follow-up/collections, he or she can instantly access all transactions, paper and electronic claims, and accounts receivable history for a given account.

According to Lee Nessling, .NET developer for Logik, another significant benefit of the Telerik UI framework is the cross-linking feature. “The ability to cross-link information throughout the system so the user doesn’t need to constantly navigate away to a different point significantly improves the user experience and efficiency levels.”

Nessling said the Telerik discussion boards and Telerik Support have been invaluable. “We have a small development team, but these resources enable us to leverage the experience, expertise and advice of hundreds of developers. I can look at code samples, learn about best practices and hear about the newest controls. And any time I have a question or issue, Progress Telerik Support is highly responsive.”

Logik considers Logik an ongoing project because Telerik delivers new features every couple of months. “There is always something new to discover; something we want to integrate into Logik to make it even better,” said Comer. “We are excited to see what comes next.”

Behavioral Treatment Center Increases Productivity and Efficiency with Logik

A leading behavioral center recently implemented Logik to reap the benefits of a feature-rich, automated billing and accounts receivable management package that meets industry needs, while optimizing patient service and cash flow. The company’s corporate billing department previously relied on a number of cumbersome, labor-intensive manual processes and disparate systems to manage operations, including an electronic health record and general ledger reporting package. Employees had to manually import information from one system to the other systems, an error-prone process resulting in confusion and delays that could impact patient care and Administration’s access to important managerial information. Logik can talk to any other system to exchange demographic information, or even post patient charges between electronic health record, pharmacy and laboratory systems.

As part of a larger infrastructure update, the center sought a more automated and sophisticated approach to managing its corporate billing operation. When the company learned of Logik’s system, it was a great fit for their needs.

The organization’s Director of IT, along with application users, collaborated with Logik on the initiative. “The Logik’s team understands healthcare providers and the unique challenges of tracking a patient’s continuum of care through admission, discharge and billing. Our successful implementation of Logik benefited from its commitment to excellence and its superior depth of industry knowledge.”

Logik has already streamlined the customer’s billing process significantly, increasing employee productivity and efficiency levels. “Prior to Logik, billing required the involvement of several different departments working across a number of systems,” explained the Director of IT. “We can now generate a balance sheet and income statement at the touch of a button. The finance team has full control over the process and data, generating significant time savings. In fact, we have been able to reduce the month-end financial close by several days each month with our Progress and Logik system,” he said.

The Director of IT said he has little doubt the system will be able to scale with their needs over time. “We have been able to reduce our staff footprint by almost half with this infrastructure update. Our Progress and Logik solution has certainly contributed to that metric by delivering so many efficiencies to our operation.”

Success has been a true team effort, he says. “Logik is customer-focused with a penchant for action, ensuring their product is useful and relevant to daily operations. Their support throughout this entire process has been top notch. We continue to work with them to refine the interface and look forward to future enhancements.”



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