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How Working with a Mental Health Billing Specialist Will Help Your Practice

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You should never have to handle your revenue cycle on your own. As a mental health provider, you are an expert in your field. You were trained to do your job and do it well. What your education did not include was how to be an expert biller. Mental health billing is complicated and can consume quite a bit of your time. 

Although it is a necessary administrative process that ensures you can continue to work with clients, it should never distract from client care. Utilizing a quality mental health billing specialist is the easiest way to optimize your revenue without siphoning any time with clients. Mental health billing specialists are trained to be experts in all things related to your revenue and want to help you succeed. 

Of course, you need to work with a mental health billing specialist that knows what they’re doing and prioritizes your bottom line. Your billing partner should offer the following services and benefits. 

A Quality Mental Health Billing Specialist Should Offer: 

Claim Validation

 Errors are a huge reason that claims get denied. You always want to make sure that every claim you submit has all of the correct client information as well as CPT code, diagnostic code, and more. A billing partner can scrub your claims clean of errors before they are ever submitted to stop denials in their tracks. They know what to look for and how to correct mistakes. With more clean claims, you can trust that your payments are on the way. 

Claim Submission

You should be able to focus entirely on your clients rather than be burdened with the claim process. All you should have to do is record your appointments and complete your notes. Let your mental health billing specialist do the rest! They will submit your claims to payers and track those claims until reimbursement is received, making sure to catch any denials, should they happen. 

Claim Rejection/Denial Follow-Up 

Even with the best processes in place, denials can still happen. When they do, you need to act fast to make sure you submit them again before the deadline passes. A mental health billing specialist can do this for you by catching denials, figuring out what went wrong, making any necessary corrections, and getting you your payment. It would no longer be your responsibility to spend hours tracking down rejected claims; they’ll handle it. 

Payment Posting/Reconciliation

Your billing partner can also take over tracking remittance advice when it comes back from payers. They will take that information and post the payments to your client’s accounts on your behalf. This keeps your ledgers accurate and your time well-utilized. 

Personalized Billing

Working with an outsourced mental health billing partner does not mean that you won’t play a personal role in your billing process. They should make sure to partner you with a dedicated specialist that works with your account and ensures the insurance billing success of your practice. They will provide regularly scheduled meetings to help you stay up to date on all things related to your billing process. 

How a Billing Partner Helps Your Practice: 

Increase Clean Claims

Clean claims are the key to timely reimbursement from payers. They will take the necessary steps to ensure your clean claims rate rises, and you see more on-time and in-full payments from insurance companies. 

Peace of Mind

Insurance billing is a huge point of stress for many mental health professionals and is often why some choose not to accept insurance at all. With a mental health billing specialist, you can have peace of mind that your billing process is handled by an expert and that your revenue is secure. 

More Time for Clients

With the reduction in administrative burden, you can spend more time with clients. You will no longer have to spend hours of your day filing claims or chasing down information from payers just so you can get paid for your hard work. Instead, someone else handles the trouble while you do what you do best. 

A mental health billing specialist is right around the corner, ready to help optimize your revenue cycle. 

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