How to Get Started with ABA Billing Software

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While perhaps not the most exciting part of the job as a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), billing for services is a crucial part of the job to continue being effective practitioners. BCBAs, and anyone in the field of special education, are known to be bleeding hearts. Nothing would make you happier than to give away your services for free. Sadly, no one’s doors would stay open long if everyone did that, so companies like WebABA make it possible to serve your clients to the best of your ability while also making sure the lights stay on and the employees stay happily paid. Today, we want to walk you through what ABA billing software is and how to choose the best one for you and your practice.

First of all, what is ABA billing software and why do I need it?

ABA billing software is the software used to track authorizations and hour usage, and to bill families and/or insurance companies for the services you provide. If the billing software is not effective, companies risk client payments falling through the cracks or other equally disastrous scenarios that can have devastating effects, especially on small businesses.

The reality is, that you have more power than you know, and that power begins with knowledge. The most important of which is this: ABA companies can succeed, or they can fail based on what billing software they use. As a BCBA, you have the power to choose an ABA billing software that will help you succeed.

What should I look for in my billing software?

You want billing software that does the work for you. Look for one that allows you to focus on the growth and success of your clients and staff rather than whether the payments are coming in. Below are some helpful things to look for when finding the perfect ABA billing software for you or your company.


Asking for money is no fun, and most of the time you would probably prefer forgoing a payment rather than sending that forgetful client an invoice again… and again… and again. The right ABA billing software will automatically send the invoices until the services are paid for, so you don’t even have to think about it. Automatic invoicing means not having to worry about getting paid, which means keeping the lights on, the employees paid, and the clients progressing and happy.


Not only should your software automatically send out invoices, but you also want one that will collect payments and track payment status. As BCBAs, you have a thousand things going on in your minds at any given moment. From the scheduling change that needs to happen to the discharge report that needs to be written, to the goal that needs to be added to a client’s program. More than likely, receiving payment for services is the last thing on your mind because you assume if the invoice was sent out, the payment was collected. Make your billing software do the boring work for you – find one that takes that item off your to-do list.

Fewer Mistakes 

Billing mistakes can be costly, and they’re something everyone wants to avoid. A quality billing service won’t make those mistakes in the first place. But if they do happen, you will want to know immediately so it can be fixed. Look for an ABA billing software that will alert you when clients overpay or are over-billed, so you both can focus on how much progress your client is making rather than costly billing mistakes.

When you picked up your BCBA test results from the front desk after 4 hours of staring at a computer, and before those years of school, studying, and fieldwork hours, it’s likely that the farthest thing from your mind was billing for your services. And yet, without knowing how to bill for services, all those years of dreaming about seeing the word “PASS” will be for nothing. Thankfully, that’s when products like WebABA come to the rescue.

WebABA, Billing Software Designed for You

WebABA is a practice management software that was designed by BCBAs for BCBAs. It takes care of the headache-inducing insurance and billing work so you can spend more time with your clients and less time worrying about whether you filed that insurance claim correctly or if that parent is going to pay their bill on time. Not only is WebABA a fantastic billing software, but it is also a full practice management software with everything from billing to scheduling to data collection to staff performance management and more. It truly is the whole package and could be a key part to your success as a BCBA.

If you are interested in learning more about WebABA, sign up for a free demo here so your focus can be where it should be – on your clients.



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