How Do Electronic Prescriptions Work?

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Electronic prescriptions simplify the prescribing process. Plus, this kind of technology not only reduces prescribing errors, it keeps doctors and patients safe – especially in the era of COVID-19. It also keeps practitioners and EHR vendors compliant when prescribing controlled substances, and it maintains revenue flow by preventing denied prescription claims. And these are just a few of the benefits of e-prescribe. But how do electronic prescriptions work?

At NewCrop, our program is designed to help your organization streamline the e-prescribe process and emphasize the importance of patient care.

Two Ways to Prescribe

Before getting into the nitty gritty of how electronic prescriptions work, it’s important to note that there are two ways to access your e-prescribe software: an integration and a standalone solution.

The first form of e-prescribe is a direct log-in. This is most commonly used by small practices or solo practitioners and allows the doctor to access the electronic prescribing program directly through a portal.

For larger entities like EMR/EHRs, your e-prescribe solution is fully integrated using an API. This simply means that it’s “plugged in” directly to the EHR’s existing software. This interface is usually branded to the EHR, so users may not even be aware NewCrop, for example, is the software they are using.

Once inside the platform, however, the process is very much the same. Let’s dive in.

The Electronic Prescription Interface

The key to preventing errors and speeding up the e-prescription process is simplicity. While e-prescription software offers a variety of prescription customization options, they are presented to the practitioner in a simple wrapper.

The screen is divided into easy-to-read columns, each one offering a list of options to choose from. The program is designed to keep clicking and typing to a minimum and to reduce the potential for error and save time. While the tool suggests such things as the supply volume or packaging type, it’s possible to make quick adjustments if necessary.

With a simple e-prescription interface, you can finish writing a prescription in under 10 clicks. All the necessary information, including managed care formularies and an all-provider patient history, is available on one screen. This way, doctors can make educated decisions without having to hunt through several different resources for histories or benefit information. It’s fully available for quick scanning and reviewing.

Accuracy Focus

The biggest issue practices, pharmacies, and patients have with e-prescribe software is accuracy. Such problems as untimely suggestions (which encourage doctors to accidentally choose the wrong drug or dose) or duplicate prescriptions force practitioners and pharmacists to leave their workflow and deal with the resulting issues. Time and money are lost making numerous phone calls and back-tracking to make corrections manually.

That’s why it’s essential to find an e-prescribe vendor with their finger on the pulse of common errors and issues users may make and experience. For example, NewCrop is constantly monitoring all these issues and taking them into consideration to create a highly accurate program that eliminates nearly all chances of error. In November 2020, we were even awarded the Surescripts 2020 White Coat™ Award for e-prescription accuracy.

Electronic Prescriptions for Controlled Substances (EPCS)

Another key feature of e-prescribe is EPCS (Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances). When you enlist software that is EPCS certified, like the NewCrop EPCS solution. You’ll be able to maintain compliance without a hitch in workflow. Especially as EPCS is becoming increasingly mandatory in the US, making e-prescribe a requirement. For a more in-depth look at how e-prescribe software like NewCrop maintains compliance and patient safety, check out our other articles on the topic of EPCS.

Up-to-Date Records

NewCrop provides comprehensive access to all the patient’s drug records. The program’s simple interface allows you to add meds to the patient’s current medication list and edit them according to the current course of treatment.

The software allows you to review the full history of the patient’s medication use to adjust the new prescriptions accordingly. The prescriber always has an opportunity to edit the information and make quick dosage adjustments.

An Efficient Reporting System

NewCrop offers a simple reporting system to help practitioners see which medications the patients have been prescribed by certain prescribers as well as the history of refills. You can select a specific date range to obtain only the necessary information.

Reports provide a comprehensive overview of the patient’s prescription history. They contain important information about prescription dates, dosages, refills, and pharmacies where the prescription was filled. This data helps doctors adjust the course of treatment and even prevent nonadherence.


Security of health records is the top priority for the entire healthcare world. As the leading electronic prescribing service provider, the team at NewCrop pays special attention to the security of private information and records, making sure prescribers don’t need to worry about data loss or breaches on the system’s end.

Customer Support

NewCrop has been on the market since 2003. For almost two decades, we’ve been perfecting our customer support features. We understand that, though we pride ourselves on our easy-to-use software, as with any new technology there may be questions or roadblocks along the way. That’s why our specialists are always happy to answer questions to prevent errors and delays in the e-prescribing process.

If you have any questions about downloading, installing, and using the software, you can contact our team 24/7 via a simple contact form or email us at

Benefits of Using NewCrop for Your Electronic Prescription Needs

The key benefits of using NewCrop services for your electronic prescription needs include:

  • Working with a leading electronic prescribing service
  • Working with a simple and accessible interface
  • Quick installation of fully expedited e-prescription networking
  • Comprehensive reporting features
  • Round-the-clock customer support
  • Remote operation
  • Efficient and flexible module for Electronic Prescriptions for Controlled Substances (EPCS-G2)
  • Industry-leading content and capabilities

NewCrop has been perfecting its electronic prescription services for almost two decades. We know how to address common e-prescribe errors and make e-prescriptions easy to implement. Regardless of the size of your EHR or the previous use of e-prescribe software, taking advantage of NewCrop’s system is quick and easy.

How Do Electronic Prescriptions Work with NewCrop?

At NewCrop, we put specific emphasis on simplicity. That’s why the entire journey from requesting the software to writing the first prescription is fast and simple. All you need to do is contact our team to schedule a free live demo.



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