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How Can a Bed Management System Increase Revenue?

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Bed Management System being used

Bed management features can interact and affect other tasks and functions in your practice. When used properly, you can use bed management to optimize operations and increase revenue. That’s why it’s essential to use a bed management system that seamlessly integrates with your EMR to have access to a pool of data and to reduce redundancy and manual data transfers.  

How to Use Bed Management to Optimize Operations 

An integrated bed management system allows clinicians, administrators and managers to handle and streamline operations quickly and easily by providing comprehensive data providers can use to make informed decisions faster. During intake, staff can easily prioritize clients and get them to the beds they need, as you can instantly view the type of bed, its tags, location and status. Clients can get through the door and into a bed more quickly, and their status updated to make sure you can fill as many beds as you can. It’s easier to keep beds at capacity while making sure you have space to prioritize specific clients.  

Bed capacity and waitlists can be combined to assess general length of stay, the types of bed that fill up quickest and which clients to prioritize. Census checks can be made more quickly and easily, and clients can be found even in large campuses with multiple buildings. Staff can configure the system to be alerted when beds need to be cleaned, when a client needs their medicine or when it’s time for therapy.  

Integration with your EHR means attendance taking can sync with calendars and billing tasks to reduce the chance of errors and spend less time on individual tasks. It also reduces the time staff spends on paperwork, eliminates redundancy and decreases wait times, so staff can focus on quality-of-care improvements.  

Administrators can also use bed management statistics to drive decisions such as hiring more staff, accepting more clients, or focusing on a specific demographic. In the bed management module, users can view people who occupy the beds and what they need, so resources can be allocated to offer better care responsively. For example, a user might notice that rooms with cribs have very little wait time and fill up fastest, so they can write a recommendation to add more cribs and focus on clients who have babies and young children. You can use the average length of stay to craft specialized treatment plans or make sure you stock a specific type of allergy medicine to help your clients.  

How Does Bed Management Increase Revenue? 

As we highlighted above, there’s potential for integrated bed management to considerably optimize operations. Streamlined operations lead to higher revenue because there’s less time wasted between tasks and resources can be allocated more efficiently. Informed prioritization leads to higher client admission and shorter admission times, which increases revenue. 

Bed management software allows you to maximize bed utilization to increase reimbursement. If you can see at a glance how many beds are available, you can quickly work through your waitlist to get clients assigned to the beds they need as they open up. Providers can shorten the amount of time it takes to get clients in and out of beds and cut through waiting lists to keep the revenue cycle going.  

Bed history allows you to easily go as far back as needed to doublecheck claims and verify client stay. The attendance synchronization ensures you have less billing errors and that clients are billed accurately every time. Improved visibility means transparent, accurate billing that can be backed up by multiple parts of your system for more defend ability during payer audits.  

Bed management is an essential tool for any clinic that has beds. Integrated and scalable, Procentive’s bed management features allow users to reduce redundancies and waiting time for more efficient operations. Providers can use the data to strengthen billing tasks and get more clients to the beds they need. Don’t take our word for it, get a demo and see for yourself.

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