Tips When Starting an ABA Therapy Practice

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Practice Management Recommendations for ABA Providers

Are you considering starting an ABA practice? Are you already in the process of opening your ABA agency? Starting any company can feel overwhelming at times. In addition to the things that most other types of organizations require to be successful, opening an ABA practice has its own set of challenges.

ABA agencies have unique needs that are important to consider as soon as you start planning your organization’s approach to practice management. Billing, scheduling, and reporting are just some of the essential areas that should be carefully considered when developing a successful ABA agency.

Even if you are already providing services, taking time to reconsider how your agency approaches these core components of organizational management will help ensure that your agency is on the right track or will help you to make improvements that support the success of your practice.

To help you navigate the journey of starting an ABA practice, we’ll share some helpful tips and recommendations that can help you make the process of starting an ABA organization go more smoothly.

3 Practice Management Areas to Address when Starting an ABA Practice

Although we can’t cover every aspect of building an ABA practice in this article, we will address three core aspects of an ABA company that are essential to streamlining your organizational processes while promoting quality services, as well.

ABA Billing

It is very important to have a clear plan for how you will address billing for the services your organization provides. There is not a single one way to do this. However, there are some tips and tools that can make it more efficient as well as to make it a better experience for everyone involved. For instance, you should have an easy-to-use system for submitting claims – one that is easy for staff to use and one that makes it easy to access the information you need.

WebABA is an excellent platform to help you with the complexities of ABA billing. Among some of the benefits of using WebABA for billing include being able to send multiple claims at once, sending payment reminders to your clients, and creating billing reports.


Scheduling is an essential part of running an ABA practice. By having an effective system in place for your scheduling of client sessions, you will not only improve your business success, you will also increase your customer satisfaction as your clients will be getting more consistent services with less complications in the scheduling process.

Whether you are already providing services or you are in the process of starting your ABA practice, WebABA can help you achieve your goals and optimize your service delivery. Scheduling client sessions and staff assignments to cover those sessions is a unique challenge of ABA organizations which many administrative staff think of as one of the most challenging aspects of managing ABA services due to the complexity that comes with trying to stay on top of staff and client availability, staff taking time off, and unexpected changes to the schedule.

To help reduce the challenges that come with scheduling in an ABA practice, WebABA can help.

WebABA is designed to streamline your scheduling process. WebABA is able to help you manage the scheduling for your client session and staff work schedules by knowing who is on vacation and when clients are available. WebABA can also match clients with the therapist that best suits their needs. WebABA also allows you to set recurring appointments, check authorizations for services, and send friendly appointment reminders.


When getting started with your ABA practice, it is important to consider how you will manage your reports. There are many different types of reports that need to be completed within an ABA practice. Having a system in place before you start providing services or as you are beginning your ABA organization will help make things run more smoothly and reduce a lot of stress as you move forward with your organization.

When you are running the day-to-day operations of your practice, it can become overwhelming to focus on the details of things like report writing. This is where a resource like WebABA can be beneficial.

With WebABA, you’ll be able to access easy-to-use reports. You’ll have easy access to information helpful for report writing including authorization information, utlization of authorized services, client demographics, appointment history, and more.

You’ll also be able to monitor your practice growth through revenue report analytics. This will be an important aspect to monitoring the progress of your ABA practice.

Another extremely helpful tool that WebABA offers is templates for treatment notes. The templates are also customizable to your needs and preferences. Having a system for treatment notes that is clear and easy-to-use is a great asset to making your services and your administrative tasks more efficient and of higher quality.

What WebABA Can Do For Your ABA Practice

Developing an ABA practice is a great opportunity to provide individualized and quality services that truly make a difference in the lives of people who receive services from the company. However, building an ABA practice has its challenges and can be complicated at times.

WebABA can help. Some of the ways that WebABA offers support include the following:

  • Scheduling – WebABA streamlines how you manage your client and staff schedules.
  • ABA Billing – WebABA provides the opportunity to track authorizations and easily submit claims to insurance carriers.
  • Staff Performance Management – WebABA offers the option to create feedback and supervision forms and resources for monitoring RBT supervision requirements and BCBA experience hours.
  • Authorization Management – With WebABA, you can track authorizations and utilization for your clients.
  • Reporting – WebABA provides customizable easy-to-use report and treatment note templates.
  • Document Management – With WebABA, you will have easy access to all documentation for each client with the platform’s organized and user friendly design.

ABA Billing – Moving Your Practice Forward

Although the quality of services provided and satisfaction clients experience from their ABA treatment is of utmost importance, ABA billing is still an essential component of an ABA practice. Without effective management of billing processes, your practice is not able to continue providing services.

WebABA can help you streamline your ABA billing processes so that you can focus more on developing your business and serving your clients.

Some ways that WebABA can support your ABA billing include:

  • Invoicing for services
  • Tracking payment status
  • Collecting payments
  • Getting notifications for important billing information
  • Splitting Category III CPT® combination codes for authorized activities
  • Generating CMS 1500 compatible forms
  • Completing DDS forms electronically or manually depending on your needs

What to do Next…

To help start up your ABA practice, get a DEMO by reaching out to WebABA to see if their platform would be a good fit for your goals.



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