EchoVantage Partners, Alexander Youth Network & Monarch, Successfully Transferring Electronic Health Information data to NC HealthConnex

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CHARLOTTE, NC — Two EchoVantage partners, Alexander Youth Network and Monarch, have successfully completed the initial technology build to transfer electronic health information data files to NC HealthConnex, the North Carolina state-designated Health Information Exchange (HIE).

Alexander Youth Network and Monarch are among the first behavioral health organizations to complete the Continuity of Care Document (CCD) transfers of behavioral health target dataset so it’s accessible to other providers in the state. Both accomplished the CCD transfer using EchoVantage’s ONC certified clinical and billing electronic health record. They were among three organizations who volunteered to participate in a pilot for the behavioral health data exchange.

‘Transferring CCD data through NC HealthConnex allows for a more person-centered approach and will significantly improve patient care,’ said Matt Caggiano, EchoVantage Chief Executive Officer. ‘The collaborative relationships we have with Alexander Youth Network and Monarch, combined with their commitment to NC HealthConnex, allowed us to contribute to this effort in a relevant and meaningful way. Our experience and expertise position us to best support North Carolina agencies preparing for this critical transition.’

NC HealthConnex facilitates conversations among healthcare providers, allowing them to access and share health-related information across North Carolina to improve coordination of care for patients with whom they have a relationship. This allows for ease of access to records across multiple providers, and includes labs, diagnostics, history, allergies, medications and more to help decrease redundancy and allow for more efficient and accurate diagnoses, recommendations and treatment.

“Having the ability to share and access this data will broaden our understanding of the complexities of the needs of the youth we serve,” said Carolyn Spence, Alexander Youth Network Chief Information Officer.” It allows us a specific and comprehensive understanding of the services they’ve received and from which provider. This will inform our care decisions moving forward.”

“With our connection to the NCHIEA, we are able to better understand the overall needs of the people we support and can help to close gaps in their health care,” added Andy Basinger, Monarch Chief Information Officer. “By sharing information with the various providers, we can improve the quality of health care and improve health outcomes.”

In 2015, the North Carolina General Assembly passed the HIE Act which created the North Carolina Health Information Exchange Authority to manage the state-designated HIE, NC HealthConnex. In addition, the law requires that all providers who receive state funds for the provision of health care services (Medicaid, Health Choice, State Health Plan, etc.) connect to NC HealthConnex in order to continue receiving payments for state-funded services.

“This is the first step towards creating better collaboration among healthcare organizations regarding the comprehensive clinical services we provide,” added Jason Cagle, Alexander Youth Network Senior Systems Architect and NC HIEA Advisory Board member. “Plus, this successful transmission of clinical data will demonstrate the value and the potential of NC HealthConnex to other state providers who are working towards having this capability.“

For over 20 years, EchoVantage’s North Carolina partners have realized remarkable success with our integrated behavioral healthcare applications that feature:

• The North Carolina Person Centered Plan
• Comprehensive Clinical Assessment
• LOCUS/CALOCUS and ASAM assessments
• NC-TOPPS, Service Authorization Request
• Support for data collection for the North Carolina Incident Reporting and Improvement system (IRIS)
• Experience with the state’s LME-MCOs and NC-TRACKS
• Configurable mobile assessment tools and disconnected forms
• Revenue Cycle Management billing services

EchoVantage and Revenue Cycle Management’s software and services are designed to meet the specific needs of North Carolina mental health, substance abuse and developmental services organizations.

Alexander Youth Network NC HealthConnex

ABOUT ALEXANDER YOUTH NETWORK – Established in 1888, Alexander Youth Network is a not-for-profit, providing quality professional treatment to children and adolescents with serious emotional and behavioral problems. Alexander Youth Network, nationally accredited by The Joint Commission since 1998, delivers an effective and efficient array of services, enabling children and their families to exercise self-determination, achieve their potential, and become positive contributors to society.

ABOUT ECHOVANTAGE – EchoVantage develops enterprise software applications designed specifically for and used by hundreds of behavioral health organizations nationwide.

EchoVantage offers a suite of applications for electronic health records, government reporting and compliance, clinical and financial decision support, and medical/government billing functions, as well as software for managed care organizations which can be deployed as self-hosted or Software as a Service (SaaS).

EchoVantage also offers Revenue Cycle Management services, Information Technology support, and Fiscal and Clinical Process Workflow Analysis.

Privately held since 1980, EchoVantage is headquartered in Conway, New Hampshire with additional offices in North Carolina, Ohio, and California.

For more information contact EchoVantage at (800) 635-8209, or online.

EchoVantage NC HealthConnex

EchoVantage’s software and services are configured to support organizations preparing to make the NC HIE transition.



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