E-Prescribe for Dentists. Here’s What to Look For.

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In 2019, all 80 percent of all prescriptions in the United States were e-prescriptions. This trend is a clear indication that the technology framework is gaining in acceptance and popularity. Electronic prescribing, also known as e-prescribing, has helped improve efficiency and accuracy in the healthcare industry. By allowing medical practitioners to write and send prescriptions to a participating pharmacy electronically, these platforms help reduce prescribing errors and save on healthcare costs. However, when looking to invest in e-prescribe for dentistry, you should make sure that the solution you choose will meet your practice’s specific needs.

Features of the e-Prescribing Solution:

There are many good reasons dentists benefit from implementing an e-prescribing software like NewCropRx. The e-prescribing module comes with a host of features designed to benefit both your practice and patients. Here is what you can expect from the e-prescribing solution:

1. Electronic Prior Authorization (ePA)

Along with its electronic prescribing services, NewCrop offers electronic prior authorization. Dentists can use this technology to automatically send a patient’s personal and prescription information to their insurance provider for review. This enables physicians to obtain real-time feedback on whether or not the request was approved, a factor that allows patients to start their medication sooner. In the end, the process of obtaining prior authorization will be easier and less complicated, and providers will have more time to focus on their work, and patient medical compliance will improve significantly.

2. Drug Review

Through drug review, this e-prescribing service makes it possible for dental experts to identify the appropriate medication for treating a patient’s diagnosis. Real time benefit information allows the medical practitioner to prescribe the correct dosage, decrease the number of drugs prescribed, and lower medication costs. Lastly, professionals can record the exact prescriptions that patients are currently taking, making it easier to establish whether the new prescription will interact adversely with the other drugs or cause allergic reactions. In the end, patients will receive better quality of care.

3. Managed Care Formularies

Considering the high cost of medication, some patients find it difficult to purchase prescription drugs even with insurance plans. It is important for such patients to have access to information regarding drug costs and insurance to make smart decisions. Formulary checking in this e-prescribing module enables providers to select drugs that offer the greatest value to patients and are available at affordable prices. NewCrop e-prescribing services enable dentists to create a drug formulary to improve patient access to affordable care and provide improved quality of life.

4. Surescripts Routing

The main objective of using e-prescription solutions is to be able to send prescriptions to pharmacies electronically. For example, NewCrop’s services make use of the Surescripts network that allows dentists to prepare and send prescriptions to more than 85 percent of retail pharmacies across the country. The network offers access via integrated user interface or data services and is supplemented with integral faxing. Surescripts routing allows dentists to provide their services to patients in different parts of the country and prescribe medication in a safe and efficient manner.

5. Patient Information and Education

Today, it is critical that patients get involved during every stage of the treatment process. The e-prescribing module from NewCrop features a patient education functionality that enables dentists to guide patients on how to use their medications. Professionals can also advise patients of the potential side effects of the prescribed drugs as well as provide other medical-related information. This helps to improve both the patient experience and health outcomes. Lastly, dental experts can use prescription drug monitoring function to decrease drug misuse and unintentional overdose cases.

6. Doctor’s Reference

When you send the prescription to your patient’s pharmacy of choice, the pharmacy will receive a comprehensive list of the drugs needed. The good news is that the system will also generate a comprehensive drug monograph with details on each specific drug’s chemical information, description, and function. There will also be information on the appearance, side effects, and recommended dosage of the medication. Accessing entire medication lists with these important details quickly allows you to serve patients better and with great accuracy.

7. All-Provider Medication History

To provide appropriate and effective treatment, healthcare providers need to understand the patient’s medical history. The electronic prescribing services make it easy for you to access and review a patient’s history, including their healthcare information and current medication. This system enables you to extract the complete history of the individual’s past medications regardless of the provider they were working with. In the end, you will be in a great position to make informed decisions and administer proper treatment.

8. Customizable Screen Design

E-prescribing offers numerous benefits to patients, pharmacists, and healthcare providers. However, you need to be mindful of the needs of your practice when picking a solution if you are to enjoy these benefits. The NewCrop e-prescribing solution comes with customizable screens designed to meet your specialty’s unique requirements. As such, dentists can create their own e-Prescribing screens and workflows from scratch. This service also works great with your electronic health record (EHR), effectively allowing you to access the information you need both easily and quickly.

9. Specialty Medication Program Support

This program promotes a better relationship between the health care provider and the patient. A stronger relationship allows both parties to manage rare and complex conditions better by providing specific drugs to the patient. The initiative goes a long way in improving the patient experience and promoting quick recovery times. As a dentist, you can take advantage of this feature to provide better care to your patients.

The next time you are looking for an e-Prescribing solution for your practice, you will know exactly what features to look for. At NewCropRx, we offer exemplary electronic prescribing services to ensure accurate, safe, and reliable prescription. Contact us today to find out more and request a demo.



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