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Dental Claims: Why You Should Use Dental Billing Software

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As a dental provider, you wear a lot of hats. Dental claims billing might be one of them. Let’s discuss why it will be beneficial for you and your dental practice to consider using a dental billing software, such as Apex EDI.

Specialized Software

Dental claims codes are completely different from standard medical claims codes. Dental billing software is designed specifically for dental claims billing. Without an efficient software to integrate with your practice management system, you’re risking increased opportunities for errors, missed claims, or denied payments.

Apex EDI dental software integrates with your existing dental practice management software to create properly completed dental claims to be billed to payers. Apex EDI will alert the dental claim preparer of any errors that may be present on the claim to be submitted. Such errors might include a typo, or an absence of other information such as x-rays.

Faster Processing

With the right dental billing software, your practice can get paid more quickly. Traditional dental claims filing through the postal service or through fax or email can take weeks to process. A dental billing software allows claims to be processed in significantly less time.

For example, Apex EDI provides real time information on the claims processing progress. Not only will you be able to view patient eligibility and benefits within minutes, you’ll also be able to process dental claims faster and more efficiently.

Faster processing means faster payment for your dental practice, so you can focus on providing exceptional service to your patients.

Cost Savings

Another benefit of using a dental billing software is the cost savings that is associated with the practice. Dental billing software traumatically cuts down on the physical paper trail of information, as well as postal service and shipping expenses to send claims to the payer.

Apex OneTouch (the desktop app) allows for the seamless integration of your existing dental practice management software with the EDI to provide exceptional cost savings and efficiency for your dental practice.

For more information on Apex EDI for Dental Practices, be sure to check out our Dental Claims page.

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