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Chiropractic Claims: Tips to Submit Accurate Chiropractic Insurance Claims

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As an increasing number of insurance companies are providing chiropractic benefits to their subscribers, chiropractors are submitting claims to insurance more regularly. Here are a few tips for submitting accurate chiropractic claims.

Date of Service

In many states it is required to include the initial date of service within a chiropractic claim. This initial date of service is intended to provide the very first visit of the patient to your practice, in which you, as the chiropractor, provided diagnosis and treatment for the patient requiring relief from subluxation through chiropractic care.

It is important to note that “date of onset” and “date of initial treatment” are not necessarily the same date. A patient may have acquired an injury several days or weeks before the actual chiropractic treatment had been initiated. Be sure to discuss the date of onset with your patient and make a record of it for claim submission.

Therapies Provided

Detailed documentation of the exact chiropractic therapy provided is essential to accurate chiropractic claims submission. For example, if a patient is requesting treatment for lower back pain, it is required that the exact vertebra that is in subluxation be recorded within the claim. Then articulate the adjustment completed to remedy the subluxation, and any additional therapies completed to ensure proper adjustment and setting of the vertebrae or extremity.

Keeping It Organized

In order to ensure that all of your claims are properly filed and submitted, it’s important to maintain an up to date practice management software and the records that correspond with that software. In addition to the practice management software, it’s important to incorporate a clearinghouse that integrates with chiropractic claims.

One such clearinghouse is Apex EDI. Apex integrates with dozens of practice management softwares to ensure proper scrubbing of chiropractic claims. For more information about how Apex EDI can help your chiropractic practice maintain accurate claims submission, be sure to check out our Chiropractic Claims page or contact us today.

Articles with this disclaimer may not represent the beliefs or core values of Apex EDI. The following is simply a summary taken from the industry’s general community to help readers stay up-to-date on what people are talking about. 



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