Many providers in the mental and behavioral health, substance use disorder, rehabilitation and applied behavioral analysis industries have been impacted by COVID-19. As the economy reopens, practices will also reopen in a “new normal” that may require new ways of working and practicing healthcare.

This downloadable ebook, The Provider’s Guide to Reopening in a Post-COVID World, provides guidance for practices during this time. Download this guide for practical advice and actionable strategies you can use as you reopen your practice. 

What’s Inside

Planning: Since COVID-19 will affect the workplace for the foreseeable future, what long-term strategies will help your practice succeed?

Safety: As you reopen, what steps can you take to keep your patients and employees safe and maintain their trust in your practice? 

Billing & RCM: Many mental health practices and facilities are struggling with fewer patients and have a critical need for liquidity due to the pandemic. Improving the speed of payments through optimized billing and collections can help practices survive in this time. What strategies in revenue cycle management can support your patients while keeping your practice financially healthy?

Telehealth: Telehealth allows your patients to see you from the comfort of their own home. What are the business and practical aspects of providing care via telehealth?

Credit Card Processing, Patient Portals, and Scheduling: What technologies can raise the bar for your operations during the pandemic?

Marketing and Communications: How should your practice communicate with patients and prospective patients as you reopen?

Employees: How do you communicate with your practice staff and create policies that support your employees and keep morale high at a time when many workers are concerned about returning to work?

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