5 Ways Your EHR Should Simplify State Reporting

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State Reporting for Behavioral Health

Substance use recovery and behavioral health agencies must adhere to strict reporting standards. Not only do they have to follow federal guidelines, but they also must comply with the unique requirements of their state. These requirements can vary from state to state and are constantly changing, making it a never-ending challenge for behavioral health providers to adapt and avoid the risk of losing funding, accreditation, or facing fines and legal troubles. This pesky administrative burden can get in the way of focusing on client care. But by using an EHR with strong state reporting capabilities, behavioral health and substance use recovery agencies can simplify state reporting and stay compliant.


Reporting For Your State

Of course, it’s a no-brainer that your EHR absolutely needs to have reporting capabilities that align with your state’s requirements. Depending on where you’re located, you might be required to report all sorts of data related to patient care to a state agency. This data may include patient demographics, treatment plan details, client outcomes, and much more.

But you’re probably forgetting a very important piece of the reporting puzzle: billing requirements. For example, some states may demand some services to be bundled under a specific code. So, you better make sure that your EHR includes all the necessary billing requirements for your state.

EchoVantage offers reporting for 35 states and counting. We know that every state has unique reporting requirements, and we address them within our system. And if our library does not include your state, we’ll build it.


Advanced Data Collection

Your state may require some unique data, or maybe you just need to collect info that’s different from the stock fields in your documentation. Whatever the reason, it’s very helpful to have an EHR that lets you create custom forms that gather exactly the data you need – no compromises or workarounds.

Take advantage of integrated custom forms to work smarter, not harder. Make sure your EHR lets you pre-load data, calculate scoring, or add logic to reduce redundancies and errors.

Another advantage of custom forms? You don’t have to rely on your EHR’s developers to create them for you. You can do it yourself and save some time and money.

With EchoVantage’s FormDesignEHR, you’ve got the power to create forms that collect all the necessary data for state reporting.


A Way to Manage Conflicting Processes

One state’s reporting requirement might end up on another state’s “no-go” list. The issue arises from certain out-of-the-box EHR software incorporating all state requirements into their system, which can lead to complications when these requirements clash. Make sure your EHR provides an easy solution to resolve these conflicts.

Alternatively, some EHRs, like EchoVantage, only include your specific state’s processing, so you don’t have to worry about conflicting processes.


Keep Up with Updates

The world of healthcare and legislation is always evolving, especially with the emergence of new models like value-based care, whole-person care, or CCBHCs. It’s crucial for you to have an EHR provider that stays up-to-date with the latest state requirements so you don’t have to waste time manually updating or risk being non-compliant.

EchoVantage, works closely with our customers to ensure we’re constantly monitoring changes to your state reporting and making any necessary adjustments to the process.


Streamlined State Reporting

That may sound obvious, but if your agency needs to comply with state requirements, your EHR should make creating and sending reports as easy as possible. You should be able to collect the data you need without hassle, with minimal training required. A very useful tool included in some EHRs is the use of hyperlinks to assist in error correction.

At EchoVantage, we know that you need to report the required data to your state, and we focus on making it easy to collect and report. Our reporting functionality mirrors the billing functionality, and the design makes training easy and cross-training automatic.



EchoVantage is a software platform designed to help behavioral health and substance use recovery providers track and manage patient care. One of the features of EchoVantage is its state reporting capabilities, which can help recovery providers comply with state regulations and improve patient outcomes. Schedule a discovery call to see how EchoVantage’s state reporting capabilities can benefit substance use recovery and behavioral health provider



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