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“I Need to Switch EHR, But I’m Locked in a Contract”: 5 Things to Consider

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There is nothing more frustrating than being trapped with a product that simply doesn’t meet your needs. It’s not uncommon for behavioral health and substance use providers to feel confined by their contract, even as they desperately search for a way out. Whether you have a month or a year remaining, the loss of productivity and revenue can be incredibly disheartening. Although you can’t magically escape your current contract, there are alternative options that you should consider instead of resigning yourself to feeling stuck.

Take the Time to Read Your Contract

This might seem like obvious advice, but you might be surprised by what you could find upon taking a closer look. There’s not going to be some crazy fine print or an “ah-ha!” moment, but you may discover a means to ease into the transition to an EHR that caters to your requirements.

Make sure to review the terms and conditions along with your purchase agreement, as there may be valuable information in one section that can help you explore your options. One aspect to consider is that if you decide to terminate your contract prematurely, you may be responsible for the full payment.

Steps to Transition

Here’s another crucial aspect to consider: the minimum number of licenses you need to maintain your contract. Many agencies start with a small number of licenses and gradually increase them as their business expands, adding more staff and locations. While terminating your contract early may not be an option, you may be able to reduce the number of licenses to the bare minimum required. This will still involve some expenditure, but depending on the specific requirements, it could provide enough financial freedom to begin the process of utilizing another EHR.

Why do that instead of waiting for the end of your contract? Chances are, if you’re seeking an escape, you’re not only losing valuable time but also missing out on potential revenue. It’s easy to get stuck in a sunken cost fallacy, but by switching as soon as you can, you’re able to start recouping some of that lost time and revenue.

Do the Math

As we mentioned earlier, the sunk cost fallacy can often come into play when it comes to behavioral health and substance use recovery agencies like yours. We understand that making a switch can be a complex decision, but it’s important to consider the potential return on investment. While no one wants to spend unnecessary money, making the switch early on could prove to be valuable in the long term. Have you ever stopped to think about how much time and money you may be losing by sticking with your current system? On the other hand, have you considered how much the new EHR could potentially regain for you once it’s up and running? If Therapy Brands solutions can streamline or automate any tasks, that’s yet another way to save time and money. It’s crucial to consider the total cost of ownership, which includes both time and fees.

Another important aspect to consider is the potential for workarounds. If your current EHR system is unable to perform certain tasks or requires additional staff or software to complete them, switching to a more efficient EHR can help you save time, money, and resources. For example, you may resort to using Excel to create spreadsheets and manually input the data into your EHR. By finding a more suitable EHR solution, you can redeploy that staff member to a more productive role, thereby optimizing your time and resources.

Are Outages Costing You?

Your contract may have a clause regarding a percentage of productivity lost because of outages since they’re not your fault. In our digital world, tech issues can grind productivity to a halt. Now, chances are that even if you’re having a lot of outages happen during work hours, the percentage in your contract will remain in your EHR’s favor. But one thing that could push that over the edge is maintenance. Does your staff ever have to wait for maintenance to end during work hours? If so, that could tip you over that percentage point.

How Therapy Brands Can Help

While we cannot modify your contract or cover the termination fee, we are committed to working closely with you and being adaptable. Therapy Brands strongly believes in partnership and strives to provide tailored solutions that meet your needs. We recognize the uniqueness of each agency and the positive impact our assistance can have on your community. We have successfully guided numerous agencies through a smooth transition to our software, ensuring that they benefit in various ways. Allow us to address your contract concerns and prevent you from feeling trapped in an unsuitable EHR by exploring the following options:

Flexible Purchase Schedule

Maybe you’re strapped for cash because you’re also paying for your old EHR’s license, and you’d prefer a monthly fee. Or, you just slashed the number of licenses you were paying for, got grant money, and would rather pay off an entire year. It’s up to you! We can work with you to set up a purchase schedule that works with your cash flow.

Reduced Training Time

We take great pride in the intuitive and user-friendly nature of our software. Why? Because the less time your staff spends on training, the faster they can start utilizing Therapy Brands software to enhance their productivity. We understand that transitioning your practice management system can be a challenging process, especially due to potential downtime. That’s why we offer comprehensive training and support to ensure a seamless transition. With more uptime for clinicians, you can expect increased revenue.

Higher Reimbursement Rates

Receiving reimbursement, especially from Medicaid, is crucial for behavioral health and substance use recovery organizations to maintain a steady revenue stream. That’s why our billing tools are specifically designed to help you optimize reimbursement rates. By minimizing denials, we ensure a more consistent cash flow, while our highly adaptable documentation tools ensure that your claims are supported by clinical documentation that validates reimbursement.

Mobile Capabilities

If your employees are still using paper to record data and then have to return to their desks to input it into your EHR system, you are not only wasting money but also valuable time. With Therapy Brands software, you can load your EHR onto tablets, enabling your clinicians to access all the necessary information wherever they are. Whether they need to take notes during sessions, conduct in-home visits, or work in mobile crisis units, they can now document in real-time, eliminating the need for late-night data entry.

Take the Next Step

Want to see how we could help you make the switch? Schedule a demo. Our product experts will find the best solutions to your problem and can help you assess how to best begin your transition to Therapy Brands solutions.

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