5 Reasons Your Organization Needs a Behavioral Health Billing Service

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Behavioral health billing services have changed how providers approach their revenue cycle. In the past, providers have been forced to spend hours of their time navigating a frustrating billing process only to not get the results they’re looking for. Insurance billing in this field is time-consuming, often distracting from client care and increasing provider burnout. Behavioral health billing services are the avenue providers can take to simplify their billing process, increase their revenue, and spend more time focusing on their clients. What are the benefits of behavioral health billing services, and why should providers sign up for them ASAP? 

The Benefits of Behavioral Health Billing Services:

There are several advantages to signing up for managed billing services: increased revenue, decreased burnout, and more time for clients. 

Improve Clean Claims

Clean claims are a direct line to revenue. A clean claim is an insurance claim that is approved after its first submission, meaning there are no corrections needed for the insurance to approve it. This is ideal for any provider’s claim process as it is the fastest way to on-time and in-full payments. Your managed billing partner will work diligently to scrub your claims of errors and make sure they are submitted correctly the very first time, adhering to each payer billing cycle. When a claim is denied/rejected, payment/reimbursements are delayed. 

Reduced Burnout

When you partner with behavioral health billing services, you receive essential time back in your day. Previously, providers would have to spend giant chunks of their time on billing. They would have to file claims, resubmit denied claims within the time window, chase down reimbursements and client payments, and so much more. With a billing partner, those burdens are handed over to their team and taken off of your plate, reducing the chances of experiencing provider burnout. Providers can return their attention to what matters most, their clients. 

Increase Revenue/Lower Costs

The main concern of outsourcing billing is the cost of hiring for those services. The reality is that bringing in a billing partner increases revenue enough to outweigh the cost of hiring someone to do the work for you. Revenue increases along with client payments to boost your bottom line and help you see a high return on your investment. 

Team of Billing Experts

This makes this all possible because managed billing partners have entire teams dedicated to your billing process. These billing experts are seasoned in the art of payer requirements and know how to optimize your bottom line. As a provider, billing is not what you are trained to do, and you are prepared to care for your clients. Using behavioral health billing services means passing the torch to an expert who can execute your revenue cycle the way it needs to be done.

What Else Should a Provider Do to Improve their Billing Process: 

One of the best tools a provider can implement to improve their billing process and their other administrative and clinical workflows is to implement quality technology with total integration. Quality technology is the key to ensuring your operation runs smoothly from start to finish, day in and day out. What software is necessary? 

Practice Management 

There needs to be a software process for every administrative responsibility that supports it. In practice management software, providers need to be able to schedule easily, manage documentation, manage a time clock, access a secure messaging center, view their task lists, and more.

Electronic Client Records (EHR)

When it comes to client records, technology keeps private information safe and secure. A quality software solution comes with unlimited note types, the ability to curate custom assessments, electronic prescriptions, access to vitals, electronic signatures, goals management, lab orders, and so much more. 

Billing Software

Billing software is essential for quality claims submission, reconciliation, and correction for in-house billing. Quality software will come equipped with rich reporting features, direct billing, real-time eligibility verification, and more. 

Finding the right vendor who has designed top-of-the-line software while offering first-rate support is the key to smooth processes and workflows at your practice. 

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