14 ABA Resources You Need to Know About

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Resources for ABA

14 Top ABA Resources You Need To Know About

At WebABA Professional, we believe that therapists and parents of children on the autism spectrum can benefit from various insightful and educational ABA-related materials across the internet.

We’re here to highlight some of the top news platforms, podcasts, educational blogs, and scientific resources on all things Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Whether you’re a parent, advocate, RBT, speech therapist, or BCBA, this list is for you! Pin them, reference them often, or do whatever you can to keep these valuable resources top-of-mind. Thank us later!

Your ABA Resource List

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Applied Behavior Analysis Edu

Want access to an online hub where you can learn anything and everything ABA? Applied Behavior Analysis Edu has got you covered. As an independent publishing group, ABA Edu provides comprehensive information about the field of ABA—including:

  • Licensing 
  • Careers 

ABA Edu is not your ordinary autism-related resource, however. They have no affiliation with government bodies, professional associations, or lobbying groups, which means their content is unbiased. 

BACB Podcast

The BACB Podcast is a great resource to bookmark and refer to often with a list of informative episodes for ABA professionals.

The podcast keeps its listeners up-to-date on things behavior analysis certification and ethics. Recent podcast episodes include “RBT Certification Updates,” “Helpful Ethics Resources,” and “The Ethics Code for Behavior Analysts: Responsibility as a Professional.” 

Hosted by CEO Dr. Jim Carr, Director of Ethics Dr. Tyra Sellers, and Deputy CEO Dr. Melissa Nouk, the BACB Podcast is exactly what you need to stay on top of professional certification and ethical requirements. 


You didn’t think we’d leave out the BACB Blog, did you? Articles in his blog are well-thought-out, conversational, and timely. 

New posts on the blog include “Tips For New Certificants,” “5 BACB Resources You Might Not Know About”, and “Tips For a Smooth RBT Certification Application.” If you’re dipping your toes into the ABA professional waters, you’ll need this blog to avoid the common certification pitfalls. Simple as that.

The Autism Dad

Think about it. Maybe the best way to become a top-notch therapist is to view the ABA world in the eyes of a parent with autistic kids, right?

The Autism Dad gives you that opportunity. With nearly 15,000 Twitter followers and 11,000 Facebook fans, The Autism Dad is arguably the most popular autism-related blog on the net. 

As you must have guessed from the title, this blog is run by a father of autistic children. The titular Dad shares his experiences—the good, the bad, the ugly—with raising his three boys on the spectrum as he figures out how “to do a job that sometimes requires superhuman abilities.” 

A quick tour around his blog will reveal a ton of heartwarming posts, some that might make you shed a tear. In it, you’ll learn the true essence of being a registered behavior technician. With over three million website visits and approximately 30 posts each week, The Autism Dad is a resource that’ll prove worthwhile down the road.

For Parents: How to Choose an ABA Provider

From the WebABA Professional blog, this article offers valuable resources to parents as they consider ABA practices and therapists. We take parents through a checklist of items to consider as they find the perfect clinician and agency for their child’s therapy.

I Love ABA!

Created by Tameika Meadows in 2011, I Love ABA! is an absolute goldmine. This page is primarily meant to educate parents, teachers, and ABA therapists on all aspects of behavior. Meadows, an experienced BCBA and acclaimed author, goes out of her way to share:

  • Blog posts 
  • Practical tips 
  • Simple strategies
  • Free ABA resources 

Click on the “Free ABA Resources” tab. You’ll find things such as “101 Ways To Praise”, “Sample Play Activity Checklist,” “For Professionals: Indicators of a Poor Quality Employer,” and more. As much as it’s a personal blog, I Love ABA! mainly focuses on the science of Behavior Analysis. 

I Love ABA blog text

If you’d like to gain access to the latest ABA research findings, SpringerLink should be on your list. Academic journals and books can be found on the site, including the latest edition of the Applied Behavior Analysis textbook. 

While the materials in the SpringerLink database are not free, they represent a professional investment. All you have to do is sign up, key in the name of the scientific document, then hit search. From then on, you’ll be directed on how to purchase the ABA research material.

Verbal Beginnings

Verbal Beginnings’ mission is simple: “Changing lives. One child at a time. One professional at a time”. Their website and blog show they are mission-centered.

Topics like “Joy, Passion, and Silver Linings: Meet Clinical Supervisor…” will pique your interest straight away. What makes Verbal Beginnings an exceptional resource is that they share real-life stories. Unfiltered narrations. Emotion-packed experiences. 

You’ll meet registered behavior technicians, BCBA’s, and more—professionals who work with children on the ASD spectrum every day. Their stories will inspire you to go the extra mile. Do better. Thrive in your profession. 

Not only do Verbal Beginnings share stories, but they also have the “Verbal Beginnings University.” Here, autism therapists can take training to get CEU hours while parents can learn more about ABA practices.

Autism Resources and Community (ARC)

Stages Learning ARC is a blog entirely focused on autism. They post about once a week and host relevant information for autism therapists and parents alike. 

Formed in 2014 with the help of interns from the Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE), ARC is dedicated to supporting therapists so that they can help every autistic child learn, develop, and thrive. Some of the popular blogs on the site include “12 Popular Games Adapted for Children with Autism”, “6 Great Autistic Characters on Children’s Media, and “Recognizing the Signs and Symptoms of Autism.” 

AccuPoint’s Words of Praise Resource

Anyone in the ABA world will tell you just how important words of praise are. They go a long way in providing positive reinforcement and promoting learning opportunities amongst autistic kids.

AccuPoint acknowledges this and has put together a Words of Praise List for RBTs and other clinicians. The best part? It’s free. All you need to do is head over to their site and grab yourself a copy.

Autism Society Blog

The Autism Society Blog is the USA’s first grassroots autism organization. So you can be sure its official blog is chock-full of helpful tips and inspiring stories. 

A quick tour around this well-known blog will explore the nuances of autism, including insights from ABA therapists. Their blog is well organized, divided into toolkits and then into individual blog posts. 

The Behavioral Observations Podcast

Known in some quarters as the “OG of BCBA podcasts,” the host, Matt Cicoria, serves up some of the best behavioral content on the net. 

The sessions in the Behavioral Observations Podcast feature conversations with renowned experts like Dr. Hanley and Dr. Pat McGreevey. With topics such as innovation and change in ABA, precision teaching, and commitment training, you’ll be spoilt for choice once you hit the play button on this podcast. 

Turn Around Autism Podcast

An autism podcast for RBTs, BCBAs, and parents, Turn Around Autism is a resource you don’t want to overlook. The episodes here are rich and varied, and you’ll love the fact that they are released weekly. 

As you must have guessed by now, this podcast focuses on helping professionals and parents reduce stress, live happier lives, and help their client or child with autism reach their fullest potential. The host, Dr. Mary Barbera, is a best-selling author and Board Certified Behavior Analyst, so you can be assured that the conversations are grounded in clinical theory AND real-world experience. 

Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism

For those who wish to immerse themselves in an informative ABA resource with evidence-based articles, look no further than Thinking Person’s Guide to Autism. The site uploads approximately four well-researched articles per month, each authored by an autism therapist or parent. They’ve also got an in-depth neurodiversity FAQ section, making the resource a must for your online bookmarking.

Turn Around Autism podcast

Final Thoughts

Our list is a good mixture of ABA resources that focus on theory, clinically based experiences, and advocacy. We’d love to hear your feedback and recommendations in the comment section.

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