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Mental Health with Substance Use Recovery

Are You Leveraging Your Dashboard?

With their EHR’s powerful dashboard tools, substance use recovery providers can transform this data into valuable real-time insights that can drive informed decision-making and improve overall organizational performance.

maximize reimbursement
PT, OT & Speech Therapy

How to Optimize Your Billing Process to Maximize Reimbursement

With effective templates, you can reduce the amount of time spent building assessments without compromising on the quality of your assessment. By leveraging the capabilities of your EMR software, you can efficiently create, use, and update effective assessment templates.

aba data collection
Applied Behavior Analysis

ABA Data Collection Trends and Best Practices

Data collection trends and methods are constantly evolving to produce better outcomes. In this article, we explore the latest trends and best practices.

Revenue cycle management software
Medical Billing

Medical Billing vs. Revenue Cycle Management

Although medical billing is a part of revenue cycle management, they’re different processes. We dive into the differences between the two, how they work together, and more.

practice management
Applied Behavior Analysis

WebABA: The All-In-One Practice Management Solution

Many ABA providers often find themselves overwhelmed by the growing number of administrative tasks. However, WebABA helps providers automate these tasks and take back time.