Therapy Brands Celebrates Mental Health Providers!

Mental Health Awareness Month (1) 1

Mental Health Awareness Month

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Create a More Streamlined ABA Practice

WebABA provides you with powerful tools to manage every aspect of your ABA practice.

HR and payroll software solutions to help your practice win

  • Track all applied vacation and time off requests through both general reports and through individual employee’s HR files.
  • See new time-off requests right from your dashboard.
  • Enjoy schedules that automatically update as time-off requests are approved.
  • Generate custom Payroll reports for 3rd party payroll providers to track providers billable and non-billable hours per activity.
  • Dashboard tools keep you up to date with credentials and those nearing expiration so you’re never behind.
  • Generates custom reports to track providers billable and non-billable hours per activity.​​​

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