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ABA Therapy Billing Software

Complex processes made simple

Seamlessly Integrating Billing

Do you find yourself thinking billing should be as easy as clicking one button? Now it is!

WebABA’s innovative billing module will automatically derive and code billing based on your staff’s session notes. All you need to do is click one button to submit, and yes, we automatically reconcile payments for you too.

WebABA will automatically split out “T-Code” billing from a single session note, handle rounding rules, and manage adjustment claims for you.

Additionally, our seamless clearing house integration means that once an EOB is released, it will automatically be downloaded and posted into your system. You will no longer need to spend time posting payments manually.

Best of all, with WebABA, you will have no clearing house fees.

Superior Claims Service

Do you want to focus on the clinical side and let someone else manage your billing? WebABA is the answer for you! For an additional fee, WebABA will follow up on all denials and ensure you are getting paid for every minute of service you are providing.

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