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Applied Behavior Analysis


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OBM Data Collection

Introducing a new, streamlined employee performance evaluation system designed to help you deliver better patient outcomes. Nurture employee development and accelerate performance through pinpointed goals and data-based feedback.
desktop computer
Use templates created by top BCBA-Ds
Gain powerful insights
Increase staff satisfaction

Streamlined Supervision

With access to Catalyst from any device, collecting employee performance data has never been easier!

Score performance with a variety of data measurements such as yes/no checklists and likert rating scales.
Observe performers in one-on-one or group supervision sessions and meetings. Easily toggle between forms to collect data on multiple performers.
Keep your Supervision relationships organized and well-documented while keeping the data centralized.

Endless Flexibility

Catalyst matches your organization’s current evaluation process with the ability to fully customize forms and measurement scales.

Tailor forms to record some of the most common, routine assessments such as: Procedural Integrity, Treatment Fidelity, Performance Reviews, Competency Protocols, New Employee Assessments, and more.
Use form templates designed by Janet Lund, BCBA-D and Linda LeBlanc, BCBA-D or create your own.
Catalyst calculates your performers’ scores on forms and checklists automatically.

Set and Achieve Goals

Provide clear performance expectations and create additional opportunities for reinforcement with customizable goals.
Drive performance by setting goals that are tied to specific behaviors/pinpoints, and track progress toward those goals.
Effectively communicate performance progress through graphic representations of goal data.

Capture Performer Feedback

Accelerate employees’ rate of improvement by providing positive and constructive feedback at all levels of performance.
Provide performers with verbal feedback, then record that feedback in Catalyst for easy reference.
Increase the feedback-reinforcement loop.
Tie feedback to a specific behavior, a set of behaviors, or to an entire observation session.

Track Hours Towards Certification

Stay on track toward completing professional certifications with Catalyst’s Experience Tracker.

Track supervised experience hours to ensure the fulfillment of certification requirements.
Designate independent versus group supervision hours to ensure less than half of the supervised time was in group settings.
Designate the experience type (e.g. supervised independent fieldwork, practicum, or intensive practicum).
Track qualifications for BCBA® trainee supervisors
Track restricted vs. non-restricted activities.
Track the method (e.g. remote or in-person).

Share and Manage Results

Collaborate on employee training and development by sharing performance results with select individuals in your organization.
View aggregate results across all performers within a specific position or level (e.g. RBT, BCBA).
View individual performer results for a date range of your choice at the daily, weekly, or monthly level.
Enhance communication by sharing data across Teams, or with multiple supervisors and managers within your organization.
Access real-time insight across all levels of your organization.


Sync across platforms

Getting started is easy for Catalyst customers. Catalyst will import your organization and employee information straight from your Catalyst account. Any changes or updates are continuously synced between the two systems, cultivating a clean and consistent database.