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Track Hours Towards Employee Certifications with Ease

As an ABA practitioner, you have a lot on your plate. You’re constantly working with clients and doing what you can to make progress with them. If you own your business, you’re also concerned about billing, marketing, employee management, and more. Even with everything you have to do you still have to worry about whether or not employees are properly tracking the hours they need to complete their professional certifications.

There’s An Easy Way to Track Progress

If you’ve been using paper or an Excel spreadsheet to keep track of certification progress, Catalyst has a great solution for you. Catalyst’s Experience Tracker reflects official requirements established by the BACB and helps to track supervised experience hours to ensure the fulfillment of certification requirements. The tracker doesn’t stop there. You can use the experience tracker to track restricted vs. non-restricted outcomes, track the method (i.e. phone or in-person), and more.

What’s even better? The Experience Tracker is easy to use.

pinnacle screenshot 1

The Experience section allows RBT supervisees to log their hours and review their progress toward the monthly certification requirements from the BACB. It also allows supervisors to oversee the progress of their RBT supervisees.

exp tracker log screens
Users can enter and view experience hours from the Log tab. Information entered in the log is calculated on the My Tracker page so users can track progress toward monthly supervision requirements.
exp tracker setup supervisor

On the setup tab, the supervisors section allows users to view and select the supervisors they will be working with to gain supervision hours and experience. Users can click the Add Supervisor button to add supervisors to their list.

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What is Catalyst? Catalyst is an employee performance evaluation system designed to help ABA practitioners nurture employee development and in turn, deliver better patient outcomes. What more information? Schedule your demo today!