Applied Behavior Analysis



Data Collection and Practice Management as an All-in-One Solution​

Join Catalyst data collection with one of our practice management options. Our practice management products provide an all in one experience seamlessly linking data collection, authorization tracking, scheduling, session notes, and billing.

Compliance and Tracking

Our partners use a Requirements Definition System that ensures that your platform gives you the detailed tracking information you require all while providing easy, and organized access to client and employee data at the click of a button. Imagine a system that can track requirements for both staff and clients based on what each individual payer requires and can be updated as fast as the requirements change.


Smart scheduling system will ensure you only schedule the approved duration of service with the properly credentialed and available staff. Intuitive scheduling features enables you to easily see who is available to be scheduled, and create schedules that reoccur on an ongoing basis. Furthermore, you can easily send mass text messages to available employees to inform them of available cases and upcoming sessions.


Innovative billing automatically derives and codes billing based on your staff’s session notes. All you need to do is click one button to submit. Even payments are automatically reconciled. Seamless clearing house integrations automatically download and posts to your system as soon as a EOB is released. You will no longer need to spend time posting payments manually and best of all – there are no clearinghouse fees.


Payroll is integrated with our scheduling meaning you never need to enter payroll data again. Add up to 255 pay rates per employee based on services rendered. Additionally, integrate with major 3rd party payroll platforms to automatically handle adjustments from prior pay periods and calculate overtime.

Session Notes

Session notes are entered directly into the schedule which seamlessly feeds into payroll and billing. This ensures that you have documentation Each and every session will directly correspond to documentation tho ensure everything is paid and billed. Your staff will love mobile Documentation and Scheduling that allows users to enter session notes anytime; no matter their location.